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Philips TSU9800 Starter Manual

Control panel
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Starter's Guide
Installing and Configuring
Manual de inicio
Instalación y configuración
Guide de démarrage
Installation et configuration



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  • Page 1 Starter’s Guide Installing and Configuring Manual de inicio Instalación y configuración Guide de démarrage Installation et configuration TSU9800...
  • Page 3 TSU9800 TSU9800 Starter’s Guide Starter’s Guide Installing and Configuring Manual de inicio Instalación y configuración Guide de démarrage Installation et configuration...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    TSU9800 is part of the third generation of Home Theater Control Panels. The TSU9800 is designed by custom installers and made by Philips and includes all technology and features that are needed to operate any Home Theater in an easy and intuitive way.
  • Page 5 Download USB cable Configure Crossed Ethernet Configuration Tool • Configure Extenders Network Settings • Update Extenders firmware TSU9800 Starter’s Guide Router Pronto Serial Extender RS-232 A/V receiver Pronto Control Panels • Set Control Panel Settings Wired IR Extenders Wired IR •...
  • Page 6: Unpacking The Pronto Control Panel

    TSU9800 Starter’s Guide More information is available: • In the ProntoEdit Professional Online Help of ProntoEdit Professional: • On how to set up a project; • On how to incorporate Extenders in the project; • In the Starter’s Guides for the RFX9400 and RFX9600 Extenders: •...
  • Page 7 CD with the following content • ProntoEdit Professional • Dedicated configuration files • TSU9400 Control Panel • TSU9600 Control Panel • TSU9800 Control Panel • Image galleries • Acrobat Reader TSU9800 Starter’s Guide USB connection Battery level Network activity Presence and/or...
  • Page 8: Preparing For Configuration

    Insert the CD in the PC and follow the on screen instructions to install the editor. Notes • Although ProntoEdit Professional can be installed together with older Philips Pronto editors, we strongly recommend using this integrated editor for all your configuring.
  • Page 9: Configuring The Pronto Control Panel

    Read more about the use of My Database in the ProntoEdit Professional Online Help. To add codes to My Database: • In the Philips Database, search the device, based on its model number and add it to My Database via the button -Or-...
  • Page 10 TSU9800 Starter’s Guide • In My Database, learn the codes from the original remote control of the A/V component. Connect the Control Panel to the PC with the USB cable. Place the original remote 4 to 6 inches (10-15 cm) from the Control Panel in line with its learning eye.
  • Page 11: Downloading The Project To The Control Panel

    During the installation of the editor, several dedicated configuration files for TSU9400 and TSU9600 were also saved on your PC. You can open these configuration files, adjust them and download them on the TSU9800 Control Panel. For more information on customizing these default configuration files, read the Starter’s Guides for the TSU9400 Control Panel and TSU9600 Control Panel.
  • Page 12: Mounting The Pronto Control Panel

    TSU9800 Starter’s Guide Mounting the Pronto Control Panel Use the TSU9800 as: • A portable Control Panel Configure it with WiFi and allow the customer to walk around freely with the Control Panel. • A mounted Control Panel, with fixed connections.
  • Page 13 Use this screw and the screw hole at the back of the Control Panel to attach the Control Panel to the docking station. Note When you choose a fixed power connection, always attach the Control Panel to the docking station to avoid disconnecting the cables. TSU9800 Starter’s Guide...
  • Page 14: Mounting On The Wall

    Replace the batteries in the TSU9800 only with the original Philips Pronto batteries; otherwise the guarantee is no longer valid and hazardous situations could occur. The TSU9800 uses the same type of batteries as the TSU9600. These are the same spare parts. Battery safety instructions •...
  • Page 15: Troubleshooting

    Pronto will not learn codes • Make sure the USB cable is inserted properly. • Make sure the Control Panel and the original remote control are positioned correctly. • Intensive light sources affect the ability to learn code successfully. Therefore do not learn codes...
  • Page 16: Key Combinations

    • First press Backlight, then also press Menu and firm key 2. FAQ Information and Latest Updates You can find more information on Navigate to the Support section for more FAQ Information. Navigate to the Downloads section for the following updates: •...
  • Page 17: Specifications

    All rights are reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without prior consent of the copyright owner. Royal Philips Electronics is not liable for omissions or for technical or editorial errors in this manual or for damages directly or indirectly resulting from the use of the Pronto Control Panel.
  • Page 18 TSU9800 Guide de démarrage...
  • Page 19: Environmental Information

    on last page before backcover Environmental Information Enkel voor Nederland Het ‘Control Panel’ maakt gebruik van een Lithium-ionenbatterij. Gooi oude batterijen niet weg met het huisvuil. Lever deze in bij een chemokar of neem contact op met het plaatselijk afvalverwerkingsbedrijf voor het dichtsbijzijnde adres waar u batterijen kunt inleveren.

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