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HearthStone Champlain 8300 Owner's Manual And Installation Manual
HearthStone Champlain 8300 Owner's Manual And Installation Manual

HearthStone Champlain 8300 Owner's Manual And Installation Manual

Gas-fired direct vent heater


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Owner's Manual & Installation Guide
for the
instructions is not followed exactly, a fire or
explosion may result causing property damage,
personal injury or loss of life.
Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable
vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any
other appliance.
Do not try to light any appliance.
Do not touch electrical switches; do not use
the phone in your building.
Immediately call your gas supplier from a
neighbors phone. Follow your gas suppliers
If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the
fire department.
A qualified installer, service agency or gas supplier
must perform installation and service.
Quality Home Heating Products
317 Stafford Avenue,
Morrisville, Vermont 05661
Operate and maintain this gas heater
according to this instruction manual.
Read This Manual In Its Entirety.
AVERTISSEMENT: Assurez-vous de bien suivre
les instructions donné dans cette notice pour
réduire au minimum le risque d'incendie ou pour
éviter tout dommage matéeriel, toute blessure ou la
Ne pas entresposer ni utiliser d'essence ni d'autre
de cet apprareil ou de tout autre appareil.
Ne pas tenter d'allumer d'appareil.
Ne touchez à aucun interrupteur. Ne pas vous
servir des téléphones se trouvant dans le
batiment où vous vous trouvez.
Appelez immédiatement votre fournisseur de
gaz depuis un voisin. Suivez les instructions
du fournisseur.
Si vous ne pouvez rejoindre le fournisseur de
gaz, appelez le service dos incendies.
L'installation et service doit être exécuté par un
fournisseur de gaz.
Model #8300



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Summary of Contents for HearthStone Champlain 8300

  • Page 1 Si vous ne pouvez rejoindre le fournisseur de gaz, appelez le service dos incendies. L’installation et service doit être exécuté par un qualifié installer, fournisseur de gaz. liquides inflammables dans VOUS SENTEZ agence service 6400-40421 Model #8300 04/17/03...
  • Page 2: Service Record

    Who Performed Work WHAT Firebox Cleaning... annually Glass Cleaning... as needed INFORMATION SHEET Natural Gas Liquid Propane Date of Purchase: Date of Installation: Work Performed WHEN WHAT Door Gasket... Replacement as needed Champlain Model #8300 This information will facilitate servicing, Notes: WHEN...
  • Page 3 ABLE OF READ THIS OWNER’S MANUAL... 1 Champlain Model #8300 On/Off/Thermostat switch ’ WNER ANUAL maintain this...
  • Page 4 If the logs appear to smoke, turn the heater off and call a qualified service technician. The appliance and its individual shutoff valve must be disconnected from the gas supply piping system during any pressure testing of Champlain Model #8300 repair. qualified technician should inspect compartments, burners, brûleur...
  • Page 5 Certified for use by: Board of State Examiners of Plumbers and Gasfitters 100 Cambridge Street, Room 1511 Boston, Massachusetts 02202 immediately Champlain Model #8300 Clearances to combustibles must draperies, clothing should carefully Clothing or other flammable...
  • Page 6 Do not replace fiber ceramic logs with unapproved ceramic logs or any other material. Always wear gloves and safety goggles while handling the log set and ember strip. REPLACEMENT OF GLASS NFORMATION Champlain Model #8300...
  • Page 7: Specifications

    Minimum input rating (Btu/hr) Orifice size DMS 0-2000ft Man. pressure- HI setting (in.w.c./kPa) Man. pressure- LO setting (in.w.c./kPa) Inlet pressure-HI (in.w.c./kPa.) Inlet pressure-Lo (in.w.c./kPa) Champlain Heater 37,000 37,000 26,200 26,800 20,300 22,600 3.5/0.84 10.0/2.48 1.2/0.30 3.3/0.80 7.0/1.74 13.0/3.22 5.0/1.24 11.0/2.75 Model #8300...
  • Page 8 Ascertain that the pilot is still lit by looking through the front door. If lit, then turn the gas control knob fully counter-clockwise to Champlain Model #8300 If the pilot goes out, repeat the ON/OFF switch turn When...
  • Page 9 C. ON/OFF/T-STAT SWITCH The ON/OFF/T-STAT switch controls how the unit will operate, continuously or by thermostat. When the switch is in the “ON” position, the main burner Champlain Model #8300 unit controls “rate” heat varied meet heating...
  • Page 10 LEANING › WARNING: Do not clean the unit when hot. The unit should receive available regular cleaning on, under, and around the stove to prevent the buildup of dust Champlain Model #8300 previously, except AINTENANCE...
  • Page 11 Standard for Gas Equipped Recreational Vehicles Z240.4.CAN/SCA (Installer l’appareil selon les codes ou règlements locaux, ou, en l’absence de tels règlements, selon les Codes d’installation CAN/CGA-B149.) Champlain Model #8300 1430 BROADWAY NEW YORK, NY 10018 ASSOCIATION, INC. QUINCY, MA 02269 connected grounded home...
  • Page 12 Champlain on carpeting, vinyl tile or other combustible materials, the appliance shall be installed on a metal or wood panel extending the full width and depth of the appliance. Installations must Do not meet local codes. Champlain Model #8300 SCREWS UNIT LOOR...
  • Page 13 We do not control the combustible materials exposed to heat by this product; therefore, an assessment must be made by the installer to prevent consequential flooring. Figure 2 maintain represent independent Figure 3 Champlain Model #8300 fire spontaneous damage walls...
  • Page 14 Champlain Model #8300 HearthStone Quality Home Heating Products Inc Figure 5 Figure 4...
  • Page 15 Champlain Model #8300 HearthStone Quality Home Heating Products Inc Acceptable Direct Vent TERMINATION Cap locations. Figure 6...
  • Page 16 Install the rest of the vent system according manufacturer’s instructions. 1. Gasket 4” 2. Inner starter 3. Gasket 6” 4. Outer Starter vent manufacturer’s # 8-32 x 3160-130 924H 3160-157 924H Figure 7: Gasket & Stove Adapter Installation Champlain Model #8300...
  • Page 17 36" Straight 48" Straight 11"-14 5/8" Horizontal Vent Cap Vertical Vent Cap Snorkel 36” Vinyl Siding Standoff 4 x 6 Round Ceiling Support Wall Thimble Covers Wall thimble Champlain Model #8300 Feet Meters appropriate venting ENTING YSTEM Adjustable Pipe Length 5/8”...
  • Page 18 Champlain Model #8300 HearthStone Quality Home Heating Products Inc Figure 8: Acceptable Venting Lengths There are several venting configurations to choose from. must choose which configuration will work best for your situation. Following the venting configurations are the venting connection instructions. The venting options have been divided into three sections: I.
  • Page 19 The use of an existing chimney as an air intake is not covered under the ANSI Z21.88-CSA 2.33-M98 test methods and the resulting ITS/WHI product certification. The Authority having jurisdiction must be consulted prior to proceeding with these installation methods. ONFIGURATIONS YSTEMS YSTEM INER YSTEM Champlain Model #8300...
  • Page 20 Champlain Model #8300 HearthStone Quality Home Heating Products Inc Figure 10: Fireplace Installation...
  • Page 21 Figure 8 and the Chart in Figure 9 should be considered as well. Figure 11: Vertical Termination PPROVED ERTICAL 1. Two 90º Elbows 90º Elbow Straight Pipe ERMINATION ENTING 2. Two 45º Elbows 45º Elbow Straight Pipe Champlain Model #8300 ONFIGURATIONS WITH 3. No Elbows Straight Pipe...
  • Page 22 1. (1) 90º Elbow & (1) 45º Elbow 90º Elbow 45º Elbow Straight Pipe 2. (1) 90º Elbow 90º Elbow Straight Pipe 3. (2) 90º Elbow (2) 90º Elbows Straight Pipe 4. Snorkel Snorkel (3 foot) Straight Pipe Champlain Model #8300...
  • Page 23 2 sheet metal screws, keeping screws close to wall thimble as possible. Bend or cut the excess strapping so that the thimble cover will fit properly. Screw the thimble cover to the wall. screws (not Champlain Model #8300 horizontal vent...
  • Page 24 The thermostat should be connected to the unit #90-56914. using a maximum of 40’ (12m) of insulated thermostat wire (minimum of 18 Ga.) When making these Champlain Model #8300 LACEMENT thermostat influences might include than outside...
  • Page 25 (Attention: Au moment de l’entretien des commandes, étiquetez tous fils débranchement. Des erreurs de câblage peuvent entraîun fonctionnement inadequate et dangereux.) The proper location of wire connections is shown in Figure 13. proper avant Champlain Model #8300...
  • Page 26: Wiring Diagram

    HearthStone Quality Home Heating Products Inc Wiring Diagram 50 60 70 80 90 Hearthstone 50 70 90 Figure 13: Wiring Diagram Wiring Color KEY: Champlain Model #8300...
  • Page 27 › CAUTION: Check Gas Type! The gas supply must be the same as stated on the heater’s rating plate (located on the unit). If the gas supply is different, DO Champlain Model #8300 refer local codes.
  • Page 28 Be careful not to damage the log set when unpacking. 3. Gently place the Rear Log (1) in the firebox against the center of the back wall. Champlain Model #8300 LACEMENT combustion. Incorrect cause carbon build-up;...
  • Page 29 10. Grasp the cast façade and slide the top edge under the lip of the castings. Push the bottom of the façade in towards the firebox. While pushing in, pull the latch down to secure the façade to the firebox. Model #8300...
  • Page 30 Champlain Model #8300 HearthStone Quality Home Heating Products Inc Figure 15: Log Set Assembly.
  • Page 31 HearthStone Quality Home Heating Products Inc Figure 16: Log Set Assembly. EMOVAL OF THE To remove the log set, follow the Installation of Log Set instructions in the reverse order. IGHTING THE NIT FOR IRST DO NOT LIGHT THE UNIT WITHOUT THE GLASS AND CAST FAÇADE IN PLACE! ›...
  • Page 32 HearthStone Quality Home Heating Products Inc NITIAL DJUSTMENTS Once the Champlain has been set in place, connected and assembled as described in the Clearances Combustibles, Components & Configurations, Connections, Connections sections of this manual, the unit is almost ready to be lit for the first time. The manufacturer tests each unit prior to shipment, so ignition should take place without failure.
  • Page 33 HearthStone Quality Home Heating Products Inc touched. Use only metal tools for this adjustment. Moving the nut toward the front of the stove increases the air and moving the nut toward the back of the stove decreases the air. Tighten the nut after making adjustment. The air shutter is factory set and only a qualified technician...
  • Page 34 HearthStone Quality Home Heating Products Inc 2. The flame should not rise off of the burner tube, called “lifting”. 3. Flames should not impinge heavily on the log set. They should “fit” through the pre-formed spaces designed in the log set.
  • Page 35 HearthStone Quality Home Heating Products Inc Complete cleaning procedure carefully placing the log set within the firebox as described in the Log Set Information section of this manual. Fasten the front façade on. Turn on the gas, light the unit and check for proper operation. Flame patterns should look like Figure 18.
  • Page 36 HearthStone Quality Home Heating Products Inc ARTS ISTS Part # Description 2310-340 SIDE 2310-440 FRONT 2310-442 DOOR 2310-845 GRILLE 5300-066 BRACKET: PIEZO 5300-118 BLAST LIMITERS 5300-160 MOUNT: MAGNET 5300-011 FIREBOX 5300-020 HEAT SHIELD: TOP 5300-030 HEAT SHIELD: SIDE, OUTER 5300-031 HEAT SHIELD: SIDE, INNER 5300-032 HEAT SHIELD: SIDE, SPACER...
  • Page 37: Troubleshooting

    HearthStone Quality Home Heating Products Inc TROUBLESHOOTING Symptom Possible Cause 1. Pilot will not A. Insufficient gas pressure, light. air in the pilot line, or dirty or kinked gas line. B. Pilot orifice plugged. C. Defective or misaligned electrode at pilot. D.
  • Page 38 HearthStone Quality Home Heating Products Inc TROUBLESHOOTING Symptom Possible Cause 3. Pilot burning, no A. Thermostat switch or gas to main burner, wires defective. valve knob in the "ON" position, thermostat and/or on/off/t'stat switch in the "ON" position. B. Thermopile may not be generating sufficient voltage.
  • Page 39 HearthStone Quality Home Heating Products Inc TROUBLESHOOTING Symptom Possible Cause 8. Floating flames, A. Potentially dangerous lazy ill-defined, incomplete combustion due quiet flames, which to incorrect air to fuel ratio roll around, (lack of combustion air or sometimes excessive fuel delivery I.e. completely off of excessive gas pressure, the port,...
  • Page 41 HearthStone Quality Home Heating Products Inc Vent HEARTHSTONE GAS-FIRED STOVE AND INSERT These warranties give you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which vary from State to State. HearthStone Quality Home Heating Products, Inc. (HearthStone) warrants to the original purchaser only (the “Original Purchaser”) the new gas-fired stove/insert manufactured by HearthStone and purchased by the Original Purchaser (referred to as the “Stove”...
  • Page 42 EXCLUSIONS The warranties contained in this document do not cover, nor is HearthStone responsible for: 1. Damage resulting from installation or operation of the Stove in a manner contrary to the owner’s manual. 2. Damage or non-performance resulting from faulty or incomplete setup, installation and start-up or mishandling, abuse, or misuse of the Stove, including but not limited to over-firing.
  • Page 43: Warranty Registration

    engine contained on HearthStone’s Web site (, or call HearthStone at (802) 888-5235, to find a Dealer nearest the Original Purchaser’s location. REMEDY The remedy for any breach of the foregoing warranties will consist of repair or replacement, at HearthStone’s option, of any covered defect in the Stove. When the Original Purchaser contacts HearthStone or a Dealer, HearthStone or the Dealer, as the case may be, will instruct the Original Purchaser to either return the defective part, or the entire Stove (if needed), with shipping prepaid, to HearthStone or a Dealer or allow a Dealer to make a service call at the place where the Stove is located.

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