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Controls - Zanussi WD1010 User Manual

Washer-dryer wd1010; wd1210
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will drain the water, then spin the laundry at the
maximum speed provided for the selected
- Select spin speed by means of button 5, and
press the START/PAUSE button.
• Drain only
- Press the RESET (ANUL.) button once, so as to
cause the DRAIN light
the START/PAUSE button.
Important! If you accidentally press the RESET
(ANUL.) button more than once, the display will show
three blinking dashes. To drain the water, select
any washing programme by means of the FABRIC
(TEJIDOS) button, then press RESET (ANUL.) three
times in order to select the DRAIN
the DRAIN light
will remain lit)
then press again the START/PAUSE button.
The RINSE HOLD option cannot be selected for the
automatic WASHING & DRYING programme.
Press this button to select the following options:
• PREWASH (PRELAVADO): select this option if
you wish your laundry to be prewashed at 30° C
before the main wash (not available for wool and
hand-wash cycle).
The prewash ends with a short spin in
programmes for cotton and synthetic fabrics,
whereas in the programme for delicate fabrics the
water is only drained.
option can be selected with all programmes
except the wool programme and hand wash.
The machine performs 4 rinses instead of 3. This
option is recommended for people who are allergic
to detergents, and in areas where the water is very
• QUICK WASH (LAVADO RAPIDO): this option is
for laundry that is only slightly soiled (not for wool
and HAND WASH programme).
The washing time will be reduced according to the
type of fabric and the selected temperature.
to light up, then press
position (only
7 Automatic Drying button
By means of this button you can choose the required
degree of drying for cottons and synthetics:
EXTRA SECO = Extra dry (cottons)
SECO ARMARIO = Store dry (cottons and synthetics)
HUMEDO PLANCHA = Iron dry (cottons)
The corresponding pilot light illuminates.
The drying time is automatically adjusted by the
machine: the laundry will be dried to the selected
degree of dryness.
Timed Drying button
If you wish to carry out a timed programme instead
of an electronic programme push this button: the
light corresponding to the selected fabric illuminates.
To select COTTON (ALGODON) push the button for
two seconds.
To select the drying time push the button until the
drying time you want appears in the display
according to the fabrics (cotton or synthetics) you
have to dry. Every time you push the button the time
increases by 5 mins.
For COTTON you can select a drying time from 10
minutes to 130 minutes.
For SYNTHETICS you can select a time from 10
minutes to 100 minutes.
9 Display
The following pieces of information are shown on the
• Three blinking dashes, when a programme is
cancelled by means of the RESET (ANUL.) button.
The three blinking dashes will also appear when you
press the ON/OFF button to switch the machine on,
if the previously selected cycle has been erased.



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