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Zanussi WD1010 User Manual page 13

Washer-dryer wd1010; wd1210
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10 START/PAUSE button
This button has three functions:
• Start: after you have selected the desired
programme and options, press this button to start
the machine. The light above the button will stop
flashing and remain lit.
If you have selected a delay time by means of
button 12, the countdown will begin and will be
shown on the display.
• Pause: when you press this button again, the
programme in progress is interrupted. The light
above the button will start flashing. To restart the
programme, press the button again.
When you PAUSE the cycle, the DOOR LOCKED
light goes out, and it becomes possible to open the
door, provided
• the machine is not in the heating or drying phase;
• the level of the water is not high;
• the drum is not turning.
Important! You must set the machine to PAUSE
before you make any change in the programme in
• Draining of water and spinning after the
execution of programmes with the RINSE HOLD
(AGUA EN LA CUBA) option.
11 RESET (ANUL.) button
At the end of a programme, you must press this
button once or repeatedly, in order to clear the
contents of the memory (the display will show three
blinking dashes); otherwise, the next time you switch
the machine on, the blinking zero will reappear and
the audible warning signals relevant to the end of the
previous cycle will be given.
You can also press the RESET (ANUL.) button to
exclude one or several phases of the programme
which is running, as indicated below.
- set the machine to PAUSE by pressing the
START/PAUSE button (the relevant light will flash);
- press the RESET (ANUL.) button once or several
times, until the required phase(s) is(are) cancelled
(the light next to the name of the phase(s) will go out).
This button allows you also to select special
programmes, such as RINSES, SPIN and DRAIN.
• If the machine is already switched on because it
has just performed a washing programme, proceed
as follows:
- depress RESET (ANUL.) once or repeatidly to
cancel the previously performed programme (three
blinking dashes will appear on the display);
- select the type of fabric by means of button
- select the special programme:
Depress RESET (ANUL.) once, the pilot light
(WASH) goes out.
Depress RESET (ANUL.) twice, the pilot lights
Depress RESET (ANUL.) three times, the pilot
lights WASH
out and the only pilot light
• If the machine is switched off:
- depress ON/OFF button to switch it on;
- select the type of fabric by means of button
- select the special programme as previously
In this case, only the
spin (at the speed
provided for the
selected type of fabric)
will be performed.
go out.
and SPIN
will remain lit.
In this case the
machine will perform
the rinses and spin.



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