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Drying Hints - Zanussi WD1010 User Manual

Washer-dryer wd1010; wd1210
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Drying hints

As a dryer, the machine works on the condensation
Therefore, the water tap must be open and the
drain hose must drain water into a sink or into
the drain pipe, even during the drying cycle.
Sort of laundry
Linen and cottons
Loads of washed laundry exceeding these values
must be divided before being dried, otherwise
poor results will be obtained.
Garments not suitable for drying
• Particularly delicate items such as synthetic
curtains, woollen and silk, garments with metal
inserts, nylon stockings, bulky garments such as
anoraks, bedcovers, quilts, sleeping bags and
duvets must not be machine dried.
• Garments padded with foam-rubber or materials
similar to foam-rubber must not be machine dried;
they represent a fire hazard.
• Also, fabrics containing residues of setting lotions
or hair sprays, nail solvents or similar solutions
must not be machine dried in order to avoid the
formation of harmful vapours.
max. load
(dry weight)
2.5 kg
Drying symbols on garment labels
Always look at the garment label to check whether
garments can be machine dried.
The following symbols refer to drying:
Machine drying is usually possible
Normal drying (normal temperature)
Gentle drying (reduced temperature)
Do not machine dry
Duration of the drying cycle
The drying time can vary according to
• the final spin speed;
• the required degree of drying (extra dry, store dry
or iron dry);
• the type of laundry;
• the size of load.
The usual drying times for the timed programmes are
indicated in the programme chart. As you become
more familiar with the appliance, you will discover
the drying times that best suit your needs according
to the various type of fabric. It is a good idea to make
a note of these times.
Fibre residue
After drying fluffy fabrics, such as new towels, it is
advisable to perform the rinse programme
sure that any residue that may remain in
the tub is completely removed and does not stick to
garments dried afterwards.
After each drying cycle the filter should be
checked and cleaned.
Additional drying
Should the laundry still be too wet at the end of the
programme, set another short drying cycle.
Warning! To prevent the formation of creases or
shrinking of fabrics, avoid excessive drying.
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Table of Contents

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