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Warnings - Zanussi WD1010 User Manual

Washer-dryer wd1010; wd1210
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The following warnings are provided in the interests of overall safety. You must read them carefully before
installing or using the appliance.
• All internal packing must be removed before using
the appliance. Serious damage may be caused to
the machine or adjacent furniture if the protective
transit devices are not removed or are not
completely removed. Refer to the relevant
paragraph in the instruction book.
• Any electrical work required to install this appliance
must be carried out by a qualified electrician.
• Any plumbing work required to install this
appliance must be carried out by a qualified
• After having installed the machine, check that it is
not standing on its electrical supply cable.
• If the appliance is placed on a carpeted floor,
ensure that air can circulate freely between the
feet and the floor.
• Never touch the machine while standing on a wet
floor or being barefoot.
• This appliance is designed for domestic use. It
must not be used for purposes other than those for
which it was designed.
• Only wash and dry fabrics which are designed to
be machine washed and dried. Follow the
instructions on each garment label.
• Do not overload the appliance. Follow the
instructions in the instruction book.
• Make sure that all pockets are empty. Objects such
as coins, safety pins, pins and screws can cause
extensive damage.
• Do not machine wash garments saturated with
petroleum, methylated spirits, trichlorethylene, etc.
If such fluids have been used to remove stains
prior to washing, wait until they have completely
evaporated from the fabric before placing
garments in the appliance.
• Place small items such as socks, belts, etc. in a
cloth bag or pillowcase to prevent them getting
trapped between the drum and the tub.
• If you use a liquid detergent with a dispenser which
has to be placed directly in the drum, remember to
remove this dispenser before drying.
• Use only the recommended quantities of fabric
softener. An excessive amount could damage the
• Leave the porthole door slightly ajar when the
appliance is not in use. This preserves the door
seal and prevents the formation of musty smells.
• Always check that water has emptied out before
opening the door. If not, drain the water following
the instructions in the instruction book.
• Always unplug the appliance and shut the water
tap after use.
General safety
• Repairs to the machine must be carried out only by
qualified personnel. Repairs carried out by
inexperienced persons could cause serious
danger. Contact your local Service Centre.
• Never pull the power supply cable to remove the
plug from the socket; always take hold of the plug
• During high temperature wash programmes and
during the drying cycle the door glass may get hot.
Do not touch it!


Table of Contents

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