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Samsung SHR-4040P User Manual

Digital image recorder.
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SHR-4040P User's Manual
A Grade Device (for industrial purpose)
- This device was registered for industrial use emitting less electromagnetic waves than regu lated.
- You shall read through "Safety Warnings & Cautions" for the safe use of this product.


   Summary of Contents for Samsung SHR-4040P

  • Page 1

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER SHR-4040P User’s Manual A Grade Device (for industrial purpose) - This device was registered for industrial use emitting less electromagnetic waves than regu lated. - You shall read through “Safety Warnings & Cautions” for the safe use of this product.

  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER Important Safety Instructions 1. Read these instructions. 2. Keep these instructions. CAUTION 3. Heed all warnings. RISK OF ELECTRIC 4. Follow all instructions. SHOCK DO NOT OPEN 5. Do not use this apparatus near water. 6. Clean only with dry cloth. CAUTION : TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO 7.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    SHR-4040P Contents Important Safety Instructions V. Recording 1. Basic Recording Contents 2. Pausing 3. Locking Before Start VI. Search & Replay I. Overview 1. Viewing Search Menu 1. Introduction 2. Search by Date & Time 2. Introduction 3. Searching EVENT 3.

  • Page 4: Before Start

    BEFORE START Before Start SHR Smart View Contents IX. Overview This User’s Manual provides you with a basic guideline for the safe and convenient use of this device. 1. In This Manual It emphasizes safety regulation, product overview, how to be connected with other 2.

  • Page 5: Overview

    I. Overview...

  • Page 6: Introduction

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER Introduction Feature Digital Video Recorder SHR-4040 applies the MPEG-4 video image compression 4 stage screen quality. method to each channel and the ADPCM compression method for video data and Very High, High, Standard, Low audio data respectively, which are captured by 4 cameras. It records both data in the built-in HDD real-time and transmits such data out through the network or it can con- Various numbers of record field per second trol them remotely.

  • Page 7: Part Name & Function

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER Part Name & Function Name Function ZOOM Button Sets up Digital Zoom(x2). ZOOM Performs the TELE, WIDE, PRESET, and VIEW PTZ Button function by pressing the PTZ button. ENTER/ FREEZE Performs the FREEZE function in the DISPLAY Mode. FREEZE(TELE) Button Performs the TELE function by pressing the PTZ.

  • Page 8

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER Back Side VIDEO IN-THROUGH AUDIO IN AV OUT VIDEO S-VHS AUDIO FACTORY NETWORK RS-232C RESET Caution Caution Never play the DVR on the soft surface like a carpet or the air vent may be clogged. If you want to play the DVR in a cabinet or rack, check ventilation condition first. Name Function Video Input Port...

  • Page 9

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER Checking Product & Accessory On buying a product, unpack and put it on a flat floor then check if all the following Caution Caution content are kept good. Do not; Main Body 1. Leave it outdoor. User’s Manual 2.

  • Page 10: Hdd Installation

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER HDD Installation You may attach up to 3 extra HDDs to this product. 2.Detach the cover from the product. (Push the cover back slightly and lift the back side first.) However, it contains many components leading to electric shock, accident, and break- down therefore if you fail to apply proper installation or setup method, it may not rec- ognize the HDD or malfunction.

  • Page 11

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER 6. Fix the HDD installed BRACKET-HDD to the detached part again.. (Assembling will be done in the reverse manner of disassembling. Align the 5 fixing holes at 4.Pull the BRACKET-HDD toward the product center and detach the fixing part at the the bottom of the HDD with those of the BRACKET-HDD and push it out ward the product bottom to detach the BRACKET-HDD.

  • Page 12: Connecting To Others

    II. Connecting Other Device...

  • Page 13: Connecting To External Device 2-2 2. Connecting To Pc

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER Connecting External Device Connecting PC You can control the system remotely through RS-232 parallel communication or Lan by a PC. (1) Connecting RS-232C A. Communication Method - Data Code : ASCII Code VIDEO IN-THROUGH AUDIO IN AV OUT - Protocol : 8 bit Data, 1 Stop bit, None Parity - Transmission Speed : 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600 bps VIDEO...

  • Page 14: Basic Use

    III. Basic Use...

  • Page 15

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER System Booting Power On The following message will be displayed if you miss to install the Master HDD. This system has no power switch. When you connect the adapter with the power cable, the LED and buttons in front of the system are all turned on and the system starts booting as the following THERE ARE NO INSTALLED screen pops up.

  • Page 16

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER Recognition of Input Video Signal Power Off In the event of no video signal when you turn the system on, VL(Video Loss) will Click SYSTEM SHUTDOWN in the SYSTEM SETUP MENU to turn the power off. appear and the buzzer will sound. Then, the following message will pop up.

  • Page 17: Viewing Basic Screen

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER Viewing Basic Screen Viewing Full Screen Viewing Live Screen Here comes the full screen with all icons and other components. Here comes the example of a general live screen. 2003-07-01 00:00:00 2003-07-01 00:00:01 CAM 1 CAM 2 CAM 1 CAM 2 CAM 3...

  • Page 18: Viewing Menu

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER Viewing Menu Entering Menu Example of Menu Setup (Time Change) Press the MENU button( ) then the following screen appears Press the MENU button( ) and press the ENTER button( ) when MENU ➛ MENU the cursor indicates CLOCK/DISPLAY MODE SETUP. The the following screen pops up.

  • Page 19

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER œ ❷ Likewise, press the UP or DOWN button( ) to display the current Power On minute. Then, if you press the LEFT or RIGHT button( ➛ ❿ ), the cursor will be reshaped to edit Hour or Second. For example, press the RIGHT button CLOCK/DISPLAY MODE SETUP CHANNEL SETUP ➛...

  • Page 20


  • Page 21: Menu Composition

    IV. Menu Composition...

  • Page 22

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER Date, Time, & Screen Setup Here comes the initial setup status of the CLOCK/DISPLAY MODE SETUP menu. Caution Caution If the new date or time corresponds with the preset data recording time, the follow- CLOCK/DISPLAY MODE SETUP ing data will pop up to warn the original data will be erased.

  • Page 23: Recording Setup

    :MOVE :SELECT MENU:EXIT RECORD/PALYBACK MODE SHR-4040P can record 25 cuts of video image a second in the SIMPLEX mode. CAMERA Setup But, in the SIMPLEX mode, it can perform only one function of recording or replay. Sets up ON/OFF of a certain channel during display and recording. [ON/OFF] SHR-4040P can perform both recording and replay function in the DUPLEX mode while it can record only 12.5 cuts of video image a second in this mode.

  • Page 24

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER Reference Reference Caution Caution The following table shows how long it takes to fill up 120GB HDD and 480GB HDD The recording rate and screen quality for timer recording shall be as set for normal for each field rate. recording (The recording time for each field rate may vary a little with the signal type.) NORMAL RECORD SETUP...

  • Page 25

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER Alarm Output / Buzzer Setup Alarm Input/Motion Detection Setup Here comes the initial setup status of the ALARM RECORD SETUP menu. Here comes the setup status of ALARM Output/Buzzer menu. ALARM IN/MOTION DETECTION SETUP CH A-IN M.D.SENS. M.D.AREA ALARM OUT/BUZZER SETUP [...] MEDIUM...

  • Page 26: System Setup

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER SYSTEM SETUP Here comes the initial status of the SYSTEM SETUP menu. 4) HDD Condition This device can hold up to 4 HDDs. SYSTEM SETUP It displays the condition of each HDD. PASSWORD ******** - GOOD : HDD is in normal operation. PASSWORD LOCK - BAD : HDD is dead.

  • Page 27

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER Here comes the description of each symbol. THIS OPERATION WILL SYSTEM LOG(Symbol) LOG Description CLEAR ALL RECORDED DATA. SYSTEM MUST RESTART TO SYS START System On COMPLETE THE OPERATION CONTINUE? SHUTDOWN Normal System Off LOGIN (A) System Logged-in in SHR Admin Program LOGOUT (A) System Logged-out in SHR Admin Program LOGIN (W)

  • Page 28: Serial Port Setup


  • Page 29

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER If you select PTZ, the following screen will pop up. If you click YES, the Externel Modem setup screen will be displayed and LAN will be disconnected. SERIAL PORT SETUP SERIAL PORT SETUP USAGE BAUD RATE 9600 USAGE EXTERNAL MODEM PARITY...

  • Page 30: Network Setup


  • Page 31: Recording

    V. Recording...

  • Page 32: Basic Recording

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER Basic Recording PANIC (Emergency Recording) TIMER Recording Press the recording button( ) to recorded the currently incoming video images. You are able to input a weekday or time for timer recording in the TIMER RECORD PANIC Then the recording button( ) is turned on and the recording mark appears SETUP menu.

  • Page 33: Pausing

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER Pausing Recording ALARM Recording Basic Recording You will see the ALARM IN terminal at the EXT IN/OUT port in the back of SHR- Press the PANIC button to pause panic recording. Then the PANIC button( PANIC 4040P. you have only to connect this terminal with the ALARM OUT terminal of light goes out, the screen enters live mode as follows, recording stops, and HDD external device.

  • Page 34

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER Recording Lock Recording Lock Press the REC LOCK button to lock recording while recording is in process. If you press the REC LOCK button, the button LED will be turned on. While recording remains locked, pressing the RECORD button or PANIC button has no effect on the recording process.

  • Page 35: Search & Replay

    VI. Search & Replay...

  • Page 36: Viewing Search Menu

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER Viewing Search Menu Search by Date & Time Entering Search Menu You shall press the MENU button( ) during replay only to search the DATE/TIME SEARCH MENU RECORDED FROM 2003-07-01 00:00:00 recorded data. 2003-07-01 00:00:00 Then, the following screen pops up. GOTO 2003-07-01 00:00:00 SEARCH MENU...

  • Page 37: Event Search

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER EVENT Search If you press the search button and click EVENT SEARCH, the following screen will If you press other camera button than selected during EVENT SEARCH, the following pop up. message will pop up. EVENT search is also available by pressing the ALARM button in live mode. [Ex.] If you press the CAMERA 2 button during (CAMERA 1 DATA) SEARCH after you select No.

  • Page 38: Basic Replay

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER Basic Replay If you want to replay the HDD data rightly, press the PLAY/STILL button( ❿ ¤ II ) button. Reference Reference ❿ ¤ II Then, the PLAY/STILL button( ) will be turned on and the HDD data will be replayed from the first part after the following screen appears.

  • Page 39

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER ❿❿ 2003-07-01 00:00:01 ❿❿ 2003-07-01 00:00:01 ❿ ¤ II You shall press the PB/STILL button( ) to recommence replay. Viewing Field by Field If you want to see a still cut field by field, use the Shuttle with the system paused both in the forward and reverse direction.

  • Page 40: Others

    VII. Others...

  • Page 41: Product Specification

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER Product Specification Appearance Rated Voltage INPUT : AC 230V , 50 Hz Power Consumption 60 W 120 GB (Up to 480GB) Video Input Memory Stick I/F for Image copy Video Input Composite Video, BNC Jack - 4 CH (1.0 Vp-p, 75 ) Video Output Composite Video, BNC Jack - 1 CH (1.0 Vp-p, 75 ) S-VHS Video...

  • Page 42: Appendix

    VIII. Appendix...

  • Page 43

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER Before You Call Service Center If the system malfunctions, please check the following list first and then call the SEC agency where you bought the product or the nearest SEC service center. Check Points Symptom Check Points Symptom - As far as AUDIO RECORD in the RECORD MODE - No sound during replay...

  • Page 44: Q & A

    DIGITAL IMAGE RECORDER Q & A Question Answer - Without power supply, the system does not begin - If power goes out during record recording. However if the system was in recording ing and comes in later, will the mode before power was out, the system will con system continue recording? tinue recording upon power recovery.

  • Page 45

    SHR Smart View SHR-4040P User’s Manual...

  • Page 46: Ix. Overview

    IX. Overview...

  • Page 47: In This Manual

    SHR SMART VIEWER In This Manual Overview This manual describes the procedures for operating the SHR Smart Viewer, remote The SHR Smart Viewer consists of SHR Admin (Administration), SHR Watch and SHR administration system software designed for the digital video recorder (DVR). Search programs.

  • Page 48: Product Information

    SHR SMART VIEWER Product Information SHR Smart Viewer Features The SHR Smart Viewer program is the integrated software that controls system man- Product Components agement, video monitoring and image playback of multiple remote DVRs. The SHR User’s Manual (This Document) Smart Viewer offers the following features: Installation CD Check and report on the DVR status at a remote site...

  • Page 49: X. Installation & Operation

    X. Installation & Operation...

  • Page 50: Installing Procedures

    SHR SMART VIEWER Installing Procedures 4. Click Install. Caution Caution If an older version of SHR Smart Viewer software has been already installed on your computer, you should uninstall the older version first. NOTE NOTE Under the Start menu in Windows, go to Settings and then to Control Panel. Double click the Power Options to evoke the Management Properties dialog box.

  • Page 51: Operating Procedures

    SHR SMART VIEWER Operating Procedures 5. Make certain Yes, restart the computer now, and then click Finish to allow the sys After installing the SHR Smart Viewer software, you will find the SHR SMART VIEW- tem to reboot. This completes the installation. ER icon on the desktop.

  • Page 52: Xi. Shr Admin

    XI. SHR Admin...

  • Page 53

    SHR SMART VIEWER Description The SHR Admin, the main administration software of the SHR Smart Viewer provides Emergency Event List : Displays the event(s) that were called back from individ- reporting functions including a live system status report and search, an event log and ual remote site (LAN connection only).

  • Page 54: Functions Of The Shr Admin

    SHR SMART VIEWER Functions of the SHR Admin Local Setup Button NOTE NOTE Initiates programming for the system operation and remote site configuration. The image cannot be displayed properly, depending on the specification of your PC. ❿¤ System In this case, lower the level of the display option. Set up the date/time format for the SHR Smart Viewer, the modem connection information for remote access, the system password, and display option.

  • Page 55

    SHR SMART VIEWER Batch Job Setup Button Set up the batch job of system check, remote upgrade, and remote setup for multiple remote sites. ❿¤ System Check Set up the system check job for remote sites. First, select the remote site to check from the Registered sites field, and add it to the Target sites field by clicking the Add button.

  • Page 56

    SHR SMART VIEWER ❿¤ ❿¤ Upgrade Setup Set up the remote upgrade job for remote sites. First, select the remote site to Set up the remote setup job for remote sites. First, select the remote site to set up upgrade from the Registered sites field, and add it to the Target sites field by click from the Registered sites field, and add it to the Target sites field by clicking the ing the Add button.

  • Page 57

    SHR SMART VIEWER ❿¤ Local Viewer Log Button Batch Job Log Displays the batch job log information of the SHR Smart Viewer. If the user sets Displays the system log, batch job log, and emergency event log information accord- the period of interest and clicks the Find button, the batch job log entries within the ing to the search condition.

  • Page 58

    SHR SMART VIEWER ❿¤ Emergency Event Log Function Buttons Displays the log information of emergency events called back from remote sites. If ❿¤ the user sets the period of interest and clicks the Find button, the emergency event Connect Button log entries within the period are displayed in the list.

  • Page 59

    SHR SMART VIEWER ❿¤ Remote Log Button System Log displays the system log information of a remote DVR. If the user sets the period of interest and clicks the Find button, the system log entries within the period are displayed in the list. A total of 100 results can be displayed in the list at a time, so click the (Next) button to display the next results.

  • Page 60

    SHR SMART VIEWER Event Log displays the event log information of a remote DVR. If the user sets the Status Window for Remote Site period of interest and clicks the Find button, the event log entries within the period are displayed in the list.

  • Page 61: Xii. Shr Watch

    XII. SHR Watch...

  • Page 62

    SHR SMART VIEWER Description The SHR Watch is powerful and reliable remote surveillance software, which provides NOTE NOTE a remote monitoring function for video images in real time from either a single site or Displays Playback on the screen while the remote DVR is in the playback mode multiple sites.

  • Page 63: Functions Of The Shr Watch

    SHR SMART VIEWER Functions of the SHR Watch Remote Sites/Connection Buttons Camera Buttons ❿¤ Selecting remote sites Enable selection of the camera to display from the remote site. Click the Remote Sites button to display the list of Favorites and Remote sites Screen Mode Buttons available, and select the site to connect.

  • Page 64

    SHR SMART VIEWER Utility Buttons NOTE NOTE ❿¤ Auto Connection Only the administrator can adjust the image from a remote site. When this button is depressed (selected), any event detected at the remote site will result in the auto connection to a remote monitoring location (also running the SHR Smart Viewer software).

  • Page 65

    SHR SMART VIEWER The Favorites is the user-defined connection list that combines more than one remote site, so multiple sites can be monitored at the same time with a single connection to the target Favorite. Add a new Favorite, and then assign the location and name to each.

  • Page 66: Xiii. Shr Search

    XIII. SHR Search...

  • Page 67: Time-lapse Search

    SHR SMART VIEWER Description Time-Lapse Search The SHR Search is remote search software, which searches for recorded images on In the time-lapse mode, the system searches for recorded images by time and plays the remote DVR and plays back the found images. In addition to time-lapse search, back the found images.

  • Page 68

    SHR SMART VIEWER Event Search To view an image at a specific time, click the (Go To) button. This action displays Click the (Event) icon located next to the (Time-Lapse) icon above the calen- the following Go To dialog box. The input time range is within the current date. If you dar as displayed in the time-lapse mode to enter the event mode.

  • Page 69

    SHR SMART VIEWER Using Search By Camera method, the user can search for the event results of the tar- get camera(s) associated with optional event(s), and also search for more specific results by selecting the event(s) type. Search By : Selects Camera as a search option. From : If this box is checked, search from the first recorded data.

  • Page 70: Other Functions

    SHR SMART VIEWER Other Functions Playback Functions : Fast Backward Play : Stop : Play : Fast Forward Play : Go to the First Image : Go to the Previous Image : Go to the Next Image ❿¤ Blur/Sharpen : Go to the Last Image Blurs or sharpens the given image.

  • Page 71

    SHR SMART VIEWER Save Select the camera number for which you want to save video in the Camera, and set the time range you want to save in the Save Range. Click the Start button, and select a Save in, enter a File name and then select a Save as type (.exe) for the video you are saving.

  • Page 72

    SHR SMART VIEWER ❿¤ Zoom In/Out Enlarges a specific part of the image up to five times using a control slider. The user can electronically pan and tilt within the enlarged image by dragging the image using a mouse. NOTE NOTE Zoom In/Out works only in the single-screen mode.

  • Page 73

    XIV. Appendix- Smart Viewer...

  • Page 74

    SHR SMART VIEWER You do not need to install any special software on you personal computer to review The Backup File Information window displays information regarding the backup file. the video saved as MiniBank. The backup file contains the Smart Viewer program. Location displays the site description of the DVR where the backup was made.

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