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Electric Circuit Diagram - Haier BRF1- 120 User Manual

Solar water heater
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Electric circuit diagram

1.Comfortably-off home water heater
Collector equipment is aslant installed on the rooftop and perfectly consists
with architectures around, which corresponds to the architectural standard
fashion nowadays.
2.Heat tube coupling is efficient and reliable
Heat tube coupling is fast and conductive. Vacuum tube of collector equipment
is without water and dirt, freeze-proof, high endurance, efficient and secure.
3.Selective coat endothermic system
The endothermic system adopts the latest international high-tech and absorbs
coats selectively. It is characterized by high absorbing capacity and low reverse
4.Hot water system of enduring pressure
A single machine can use the full system of enduring pressure in more than one
way. Water is supplied in more than one line. There exists a large water stream,
comfortable water supply and convenient water temperature. System
functioning is reliable and can be used under all whether conditions.
.Humanity design
Four special working modes are designed to supply water under different
season climate environments.To automatically adjust linearly the circulating
speed of water pump according to temperature difference. To save energy and
to extend longevity of water pump. To ensure there exists the water temperature
indication. To protect with low and high temperatures, and to use securely and
Electric circuit diagram
Brown Wire
Blue Wire
YelloW/Green Wire
eating Element
Temperature Limiter
ank Temperature Sensor
ollector Temperature Sensor
I :Line-controlling Equipment
Wire Board
Notes for usage
1.To avoid that water spurts out to the pump and the top cover of water-storing
2.To check the functioning of the system regularly and to check whether the
computer board works normally.
3. In order to ensure excellent running of solar water heater, you are suggested
to keep the controller electrified constantly and keep it working under the
solar energy heating mode.
4.In normal use, the tap water entrance valve of water-storing tank should be
kept constantly open. You only need to open the mixed valve to adjust water
temperature when taking a bath and then you can use freely.
5.Please pay attention to the temperature of water-storing tank when taking a
bath and avoid being scalded by too hot water or being hurt by too cold water.
6.Please try to connect the probe of sensor to the bottom of the installed hole in
installment or repair. Please avoid that the sensor receives wrong signals.
7.In winter when water heater is not used for long, the system should be closed
and emptied in order to damage water heater as a result of icing. The
emptying method is to close the valve where tap water pipe leads to the hot
water system, to adjust the the mixing valve on the hot water place, then to
open the decompression handle of safety valve and to empty the system.In
order to make the emptying process convenient, you are suggested to
purchase water releasing pipe (otherwise sold)in installment.
8.In summer when water heater is not used for long, please close the water-inlet
valve so as to avoid the suddenness occur, at the same time empty the system.
Before empty the system, please use hardboard or other same material to
shade the collector fully, after empty the system,you had better tear down the
whole circulating pipe so as not to burn the pipe as the sun high tempreture.In
order to make the emptying process convenient, you are suggested to
purchase water releasing pipe (otherwise sold)in installment.
9.In cases when the power supply line of the appliance is damaged, it is the
personnel of after service who change that for specially designed lines
(provided by the manufacturer).
10.When the system runs continually over one month, you are suggested to
check regularly whether the deviation of the clock is large so as to adjust the
clock promptly and ensure that the preset and intellectual heating modes
operate normally.
11.In cases when the temperature of water-storing tank exceeds 85
display board of the line-controlling lindicates E2, you should cut off power
supply and release an appropriate amount of hot water as well as supplement
cold water. When the temperature drops, you should connect power supply
again, which can eliminate malfunction.
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