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Dear Customers - Haier BRF1- 120 User Manual

Solar water heater
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Dear Customers:

Thank you for your choosing and using Haier Water Heater.
Among products of the same kind, Haier products are excellent in quality
and property. For your convenience, please read the instruction carefully before
using and operate according to the procedures of the instruction. Please keep the
instruction properly afterwards.
Sincerity For Ever!
Thank you again for your choosing and using Haier products. Due to the
improvement of products, Haier water heater you purchase might not consist
with the figures in the instruction, for which we apologize here to you.
Correct Disposal of this product:
This marking indicates that this product shoud not be
disposed with other househoud wastes . To prevent
possible harm to the environment or human health
from uncontrolled waste disposal,recycle it
responsibly to ptomote the sustainable reuse of
material resources. To reture your used
device,please use the return and collection systems
or contact the retailer where the product was
purchased, they can take this product for
environmental safe recycling.



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