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Installation - Haier BRF1- 120 User Manual

Solar water heater
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Attentions in installment
Attentions in installment
Electric controller
should be far from strong interfering sources.
Tne-way pipeline between water-storing tank and collector equipment must
be less than 10 meters.
Sensor of collector equipment should be installed at the water exiting
The exhaust valve should be installed vertically at the water exiting opening
of collector equipment and its position in the pipeline should be kept the
highest. To screw loosely the exhaust cap after installment to make it
exhaust freely.
Pay attention the crossing corner of water entering and exiting opening
should be connected and the bottom one is for water-entering and the top
one is for water exiting in the installment of collector equipment with flat


Installment of solar water heater is composed by the following parts:
installment of collector equipment, installment of water-storing tank and
installment of water pump. Installment of each part should be completed by
the professional installing personnel appointed by our company in order to
ensure good functioning of the system.
Installment of collector equipment
Collector equipment of solar water heater is installed with the method of
oblique top. collector equipment is placed on the southern rooftop of the
house so as to ensure that the equipment faces south and there is no shelter
ahead. All the four corners of each collector equipment are linked perfectly
with steel wire rope. the other end of the steel wire rope is fixed under eaves
or on the wallwith a expanding bolt. Pay attention that the steel wire rope is
strained and the expanding bolt is beaten firmly. Take the installment of solar
water heater of BRF1-120/150W as an example. For the sketch map of
installment, please see Fig.3.
Steel wire rope
Fig.3 Installment sketch map of BRF1-120/150W
Expanding bolt
Use method
storage. in cases when the machine is turned on, press the mode key to enter
the solar energy heating mode (Note: the first time the system is electrified,
this mode can be entered). The green point is in the working indication icon is
on in the solar energy heating. Press the setting key and you can adjust the
clock and choose temperature difference value (6
approved value is 10
) of the water pump running. When the starting
conditions for water pump are reached, then the water-exiting temperature of
collector equipment
. Meanwhile, when temperature difference
between water-exiting of collector and water in Water-storing Tank is higher
than the set value (6
or 10
), water pump will start and run at full speed.
When the temperature difference is less than 2
automatically stop.
B. simultaneous heating:turn on the machine , press the mode key to enter the
simultaneous heating mode. The green point of this heating is on. To
automatically start electrical heating according to the preset 65
system and the red point glistens. Press the setting mode and you can set
water temperature 30
electrical heating will stop automatically. The working mode will
automatically leap from this mode to the solar energy heating mode. If the
present water temperature is higher than that set previously, this kind of
heating can not start.
C. preset heating: this function automatically works out the time needed to the
set temperature according to the tacitly approved heating power (1KW), and
then ensures the time when water heater begins to heat. This mode can
realize both one-time preset and twice preset. You can choose either heating
method based on your practical life necessity. If you need one-time preset
heating, press the setting mode to set the time of the two presetting as the
same. If you need twice preset heating,set the two times respectively. (Note:
the setting order is irrelevant to the time set). The preset time is subject to
the clock time of the system. In cases when the machine is turned on, press
continually the mode key to enter the preset heating mode. The green point
in the working indication icon is on. Press the mode key and you can set each
preset time and their respective preset temperature 30 -75
mode, the solar energy heating is not concerned. If the preset temperature is
reached before the preset time, the system will automatically start electrical
heating each time the system drops 5
If the temperature has not reached the preset one after the preset time is
reached, then the system will delay at most half an hour for heating.
D. Intellectual heating: this function automatically classifies and analyzes the
latest seven-day bathing regularity and memorizes the period of time that
customers have a bath most frequently within the seven days. And it then
or 10
, the tacitly
, water pump will
.When reach the preset temperature, the
. Note: in this
until the preset time is reached.
of the



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