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TMC AI5TV User Manual: Chapter 5 Bios

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Chapter 5 BIOS

Chapter 5 BIOS
BIOS Introduction
The Award BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) installed in your
computer system's ROM supports Intel/Cyrix/AMD processors in a
standard IBM-AT compatible I/O system. The BIOS provides critical
low-level support for standard devices such as disk drives, serial and
parallel ports. It also adds virus and password protection as well as
special support for detailed fine-tuning of the chipset controlling the
entire system.
BIOS Setup
The Award provides a Setup utility program for specifying the system
configurations and settings. The BIOS ROM of the system stores the
Setup utility. When you turn on the computer the Award BIOS is
immediately activated. Pressing the <Del> key immediately will allow
you to enter the Setup utility. If you are a little bit late pressing the
<Del> key, POST(Power On Self Test) will continue with its test
routines, thus preventing you from invoking the Setup. If you still wish
to enter Setup, restart the system by pressing the "Reset" button or
simultaneously pressing the <Ctrl>, <Alt> and <Delete> keys. You can
also restart by turning the system off and back on again. The following
message will appear on the screen:
Press <DEL> to Enter Setup
In general, you press the arrow keys to highlight items, <Enter> to
select, the <PgUp> and <PgDn> keys to change entries, <F1> for help
and <Esc> to quit.
When you enter the Setup utility, the Main Menu screen will appear on
the screen. The Main Menu allows you to select from various setup
functions and exit choices.
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