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TMC AI5TV User Manual: Bios Features Setup; Virus Warning

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BIOS Features Setup

This section allows you to configure and improve your system and
allows you to set up some system features according to your

Virus Warning

CPU Internal Cache
External Cache
Quick Power On Self Test
Boot Sequence
Swap Floppy Drive
Boot Up Floppy Drive
Boot Up Numlock Status
Boot Up System Speed
Gate A20 Option
Typematic Rate Setting
Typematic Rate (chars/Sec)
Typematic Delay (Msec)
Security Option
PCI /VGA Palette Snoop
OS Select For DRAM>64MB
Virus Warning
This item protects the boot sector and partition table of your hard disk
against accidental modifications. If an attempt is made, the BIOS will
halt the system and display a warning message. If this occurs, you can
either allow the operation to continue or run an anti-virus program to
locate and remove the problem.
NOTE: Many disk diagnostic programs which attempt to access the boot
sector table can cause the virus warning. If you will run such a
program, disable the Virus Warning feature.
CPU Internal Cache / External Cache
These items allow you to enable (speed up memory access) or disable
the cache function. By default, these items are Enabled.
AI5TV Motherboard User's Manual
: Disabled
Video BIOS Shadow
: Enabled
C8000-CBFFF Shadow
: Enabled
CC000-CFFFF Shadow
: Disabled
D0000-D3FFF Shadow
: A, C
D4000-D7FFF Shadow
: Disabled
D8000-DBFFF Shadow
: Enabled
DC000-DFFF Shadow
: On
: High
: Fast
: Disabled
: 6
: 250
: Setup
: Disabled
: Non-OS2
ESC : Quit
F1 : Help
F5 : Old Values
F6 : Load BIOS Defaults
F7 : Load Setup Defaults
Chapter 5 BIOS
: Enabled
: Disabled
: Disabled
: Disabled
: Disabled
: Disabled
: Disabled
á â à ß : Select Item
PU/PD/+/- : Modify
(Shift) F2 : Color


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