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TMC AI5TV User Manual: I/o Port Address Map; Dma Channels

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Chapter 2 Hardware Description

2.5 I/O Port Address Map

Each peripheral device in the system is assigned a set of I/O port
address which also becomes the identity of the device. There are a total
of 1K port address space available. The following table list the I/O port
address used on the system board.
000h - 01Fh
020h - 03Fh
040h - 05Fh
060h - 06Fh
070h - 07Fh
080h - 09Fh
0A0h - 0BFh
0C0h - 0DFh
1F0h - 1F7h
2F8h - 2FFh
378h - 3FFh
3F0h - 3F7h
3F8h - 3FFh

2.6 DMA Channels

There are seven DMA Channels available on the system board. Only
DRQ2 is used by the floppy controller. In the case that ECP mode on
parallel port is used, DRQ1 or DRQ3 will be used.
Device Description
DMA Controller #1
Interrupt Controller #1
Keyboard Controller
Real Time Clock, NMI
DMA Page Register
Interrupt Controller #2
DMA Controller #2
Clear Math Coprocessor Busy Signal
Reset Math Coprocessor
IDE Interface
Serial Port #2(COM2)
Parallel Port #1(LPT1)
Floppy Disk Controller
Serial Port #1(COM1)
AI5TV Motherboard User's Manual


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