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Xerox WorkCentre 7830 Specifications page 7

Tabloid-size color multifunction printer
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• Xerox
Mobile Express Driver
X-MED makes it easy for mobile users to
find, use and manage Xerox and non-Xerox
devices in every new location. Plug into a new
network, and X-MED automatically discovers
available printers and provides status and
capability information. Save a list of "favorite"
printers for each location, store application
print settings for use on any printer in any
network, and greatly reduce mobile support
calls to IT.
• Xerox
Global Print Driver
is a truly universal print driver that lets IT
administrators install, upgrade and manage
Xerox and non-Xerox devices from a single
driver. It provides a consistent, easy-to-use
interface for end-users, reducing the number
of support calls, and simplifying print services
• Xerox
software. Xerox
CentreWare Web management software
is a powerful device-management solution
for IT. The free software eases the chore
of installing, configuring, managing,
monitoring and pulling reports from the
networked printers and MFPs throughout an
enterprise, regardless of their manufacturer.
Xerox also addresses enterprise asset
management through compatibility with
network management tools for Sun, Novell
and other environments.
The WorkCentre 7800 series also includes
CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS), an
embedded web server that allows employees
and IT personnel to perform detailed status
checks on the system and consumables,
administer system settings, and manage access
and accounting controls via any standard web
• Bidirectional print drivers. The WorkCentre
7800 series includes CentreWare
drivers, which feature clear, graphical user
interfaces that provide for easy, intuitive
interaction with the multifunction printer.
The drivers provide immediate desktop access
to all WorkCentre output functions. The
drivers also provide bidirectional information,
indicating device and job status, currently
loaded paper sizes and types, and installed
options – so there is no need to consult other
software to obtain such information. Easy-to-
understand icons access the most commonly
used functions, such as paper selection and
document finishing. Plus with the Saved
Settings feature, frequently used print job
parameters can be stored for reuse.
• Smarter technology. Xerox
technology constantly monitors the
WorkCentre 7800 series' easy-to-change
critical components to predict and prevent
• Xerox
allows easier access to the copying
capabilities of Xerox
An alternative to the standard touchscreen,
everyone, especially people who are
wheelchair users, blind or visually impaired,
easily program copy jobs and make copies
using text-to-speech technology, screen
magnification software and easy keyboard
access to copying features using tab, arrow,
function and hot keys.
Copier Assistant
. This software
multifunction devices.
Copier Assistant software helps
Office productivity relies on tools that do their
jobs day in and day out. Consider how often
you need to intervene to replace paper or other
consumables or to clear jams. How easy is
that intervention, and how long is the device
typically down? If outside assistance is required,
how easy is it to schedule and how long do you
have to wait? Is the device a reliable network
citizen? Has it been tested and certified by
independent industry participants?
• Simple paper paths and a minimum of
moving parts. This mean there is very little
that can go wrong. Any paper jams or mis-
feeds that do occur are all accessed from
the front of the machine, making these easy
issues for users to resolve without calling the
IT Help Desk. Most components that wear
out over time can simply be replaced without
a service call. You're up and running without
• Short, straight paper path. This allows the
WorkCentre 7800 series to reliably handle
heavyweight paper – up to 16 lb. bond to 110
lb. cover (55 to 300 gsm) from the Bypass
Tray, and 16 lb. bond to 140 lb. index (60 to
256 gsm) from Trays 1 through 4.
• Easy-access Smart Kit customer
replaceable units. This includes EA Toner
cartridges, Waste Toner containers, Fuser
Modules, Print Drums and staple cartridges.
• Sophisticated service delivery. Building
on the reliability that is engineered into the
WorkCentre 7800 series, Xerox has trained
and developed a service delivery network that
helps you maintain your equipment, address
equipment issues you may encounter and
train you and your users on how to get the
most out of your equipment.
7830/7835/7845/7855 Evaluator Guide

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