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Xerox WorkCentre 7830 Specifications page 5

Tabloid-size color multifunction printer
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Section 2: Evaluating Workgroup
Color Multifunction Printers
Convenience means more than just working remotely.
the right tools to accomplish their common tasks more easily from any location, while
also providing seamless connections to the functions and capabilities that enable fast
collaboration, remote printing from tablets and smartphones, and efficient information
distribution and archiving at the touch of a button.
So when you invest in new office technology, it has to deliver groundbreaking
convenience that makes whatever business you're in run more smoothly.
How the WorkCentre
Series Exceeds the Convenience
Ease of Use
Look for fully integrated functions that work
together to create more value than the sum of
their parts. Are the functions easy to learn? Is
the user interface consistent from function to
function? Do the network features give users full
access to the power of your network? Does the
device include additional software to take full
advantage of digital documents?
• Consistent operation across products. The
WorkCentre 7800 series features the same
ConnectKey™ Controller as many
other Xerox
Office products, making it easy
and intuitive for users to go from one Xerox
product to another without additional training.
• Front panel user interface. It doesn't matter
if a job is simple or complex – the newly
engineered color touch screen interface is easy
to learn and offers quick job programming.
It features bright, intuitive icons and easy
access to all major functions directly from the
home screen. Third-party applications can be
integrated with the touch screen interface as
well, thanks to Xerox
Workflow Solutions, built
on Xerox
EIP technology.
• Network management. It couldn't be easier
for the network administrator; the WorkCentre
7800 series integrates seamlessly into
virtually any network environment. Network
configuration is easy with CentreWare
wizards – which eliminate the need for IT staff
to reset parameters, connect users or manage
job queues device by device. Onboard SNMP
support lets customers integrate with other
network frameworks.
• Convert paper documents. Scan documents
to create text-searchable PDFs and single and
multipage PDFs for easy archiving, organizing
and searching.
• On-box Optical Character Recognition,
searchable PDF. Easily convert hard-copy
documents into searchable-PDF format for
faster retrieval.
When at the workplace, the WorkCentre
7800 series gives your office staff the luxury
of controlling device functions from any
workstation. Plus, mobile professionals can
stay connected to the communications tools
and productivity solutions offered by the
WorkCentre 7800 series – for more flexibility
regardless of location.
• Xerox
mystery and anxiety out of wireless and
mobile device printing. Xerox has all the
options to enable secure, accurate printing
from most mobile devices, to any printer or
multifunction printer, regardless of brand.
Get industry-leading accuracy when printing
native Microsoft
and other standard files. Plus, Xerox offers
IT-friendly optional capabilities such as
PIN code access, multiple mobile operating
Mobile Print and more. Take the
, Word
It means giving people
systems and more. Whether offsite or onsite,
learn more about why Xerox is the only choice
for today's mobile professionals by visiting
– Choose Xerox
an on-site server for your internal network,
or behind your network's firewall, for added
control and higher volume use.
– Choose Xerox
manage local and remote locations, control
visitors' printing access and "pay as you use."
• Xerox
PrintBack. When working offsite,
your staff can use PrintBack with their iPhone,
iPad or Android-based mobile devices to
print documents back at the office with the
WorkCentre 7800 series.
• Xerox
ConnectKey Share to Cloud. Our
cloud-based scanning solution provides easy,
secure, scalable scanning to popular cloud-
based repositories such as Google Docs™,, Office 365 and Dropbox™,
using custom-designed workflows.
• Optional Wi-Fi connectivity. Administrators
can connect the WorkCentre 7800 series
devices anywhere, without the need for
network cabling.
• Apple
AirPrint™. Print email, photos and
important office documents directly from
your Apple iPhone
install and no cables to connect. With AirPrint,
your iPhone or iPad automatically locates and
connects to the AirPrint-enabled WorkCentre
7800 series device over your office Wi-Fi network.
7830/7835/7845/7855 Evaluator Guide
Mobile Print Solution with
Mobile Print Cloud to easily
or iPad
with no drivers to

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