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Xerox WorkCentre 7830 Specifications page 11

Tabloid-size color multifunction printer
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Section 2: Evaluating Workgroup
Color Multifunction Printers
Print Quality
Many factors determine the quality of the print output delivered by a color
multifunction printer.
and accuracy, and intuitive, user-friendly color adjustments are all key components of
a printer's ability to deliver the results you demand to bring your high-end color print
jobs in-house.
How the WorkCentre
Multifunction Printer Exceeds
the Print Quality Requirement
Color Registration and Accuracy
With an ASIC driver to control the light intensity
of the LEDs in each printhead, HiQ LED offers
better dot-to-dot intensity and timing control,
and produces more precise color registration.
HiQ LED handles mis-registration issues
automatically, simultaneously and continuously,
from LED to LED. In fact, tests show that HiQ
LED technology corrects color mis-registration
even better than comparable laser printers.
Plus, true Adobe
XPS give you the power to print visually rich
documents reliably.
Printhead Technology and Image Resolution
The WorkCentre 7830/7835/7845/7855
multifunction printer features the new Xerox
HiQ LED printhead, which offers major
improvements in image quality.
The "brain" behind the entire print-head process
is Xerox's new application specific integrated
circuit (ASIC) driver chip. This high-performance
driver precisely controls the intensity and timing
LEDs in each printhead to achieve 1200 x 2400
dpi resolution – print quality that's equivalent to,
and often better than, comparable laser systems.
Printhead technology and image resolution, color registration
By continually and automatically monitoring
information about each LED, the ASIC driver can
adjust each diode's light intensity and timing.
This ensures uniformity across the entire LED
array – and produces consistently high print
quality without compromising the printer's high-
speed output. Whether printing spreadsheets,
presentations or customer collaterals, the
WorkCentre 7830/7835/7845/7855 delivers truly
impressive results.
Plus, Xerox
grown to produce the market's smallest, most
uniformly shaped particles – delivers sharper
clarity, excellent shadowing and outstanding
fine-line detail.
Unique Color Control
3™, PCL
Our "Color By Words," a powerful-yet-intuitive color
technology, takes the guesswork out of optimizing
your color print jobs. With Color By Words there is
no need to manipulate source files. Users simply
select the desired color modifications from a
drop-down list – such as "green colors a lot more
green" or "red colors a lot more saturated" – and
the image is automatically adjusted.
Harness the Power of EFI Fiery
Upgrading your WorkCentre 7830/7835/7845/
7855 with an EFI Fiery network server gives you
a host of benefits including easy-to-use color
management tools, enhanced productivity and
security features and flexible workflow tools.
EA Ultra Low-Melt Toner – chemically
Color By Words: Unique Color Control
Have you ever wanted to change the color
of one object or area in a printout without
affecting the rest of the page? With the
Color By Words feature there is no need
to go back to square one and manipulate
source files. You simply select the desired
color modifications from a drop-down
list, and Color By Words will adjust your
Original photo not right? Use the Color
By Words drop-down list and choose
"yellow-green colors a lot more green,"
and "red colors a lot more vivid."
Picture-perfect results.
7830/7835/7845/7855 Evaluator Guide

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