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Cost Control - Xerox WorkCentre 7830 Specifications

Tabloid-size color multifunction printer
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Section 2: Evaluating Workgroup
Color Multifunction Printers

Cost Control

When people work more efficiently, you'll discover cost savings you never
You'll not only accomplish more work, but work that helps grow your
business. And you'll enjoy the satisfaction that comes from knowing you're poised to
evolve with emerging technology without investing in new equipment. With Xerox,
you can gain an important competitive advantage with innovative tools that help you
save time, control costs, simplify the way you manage printing in your office, and get a
significant return on your investment.
How the WorkCentre
Series Exceeds the Cost Control
Control Costs
• Manage, track and report device usage.
Use Xerox
Standard Accounting tools
to control print quantities and charge-
back options. Advanced solutions from
Xerox Business Innovation Partners deliver
even more helpful tools for larger office
• Customize your print driver settings for
economy and efficiency. For example,
choose N-up for printing multiple pages on a
single sheet as your default. Adjust settings
for specific applications, such as always
printing emails in black-and-white.
• Secure Print with timed deletion. With
this feature, users are required to enter a
passcode at the device to release the job and
documents not printed within a set time will
be deleted. That means less documents are
unnecessarily printed and left at the device.
• Print responsibly. By default, our print driver
is set to two-sided printing.
• Control color output. Administrators can
limit users' print output to black-and-white
only by applying this setting within the driver.
• Reduce unclaimed prints. With the Hold
All Jobs Queue feature, jobs are printed only
when the user walks up to the device and
releases it.
7830/7835/7845/7855 Evaluator Guide
Reduce Energy Consumption
• Energy Management. With Cisco
EnergyWise, enabled by Xerox
(Management Information Base), you can
control, manage and report your device's
power consumption information, and set
optimal power states and timeout intervals.
series devices meet the stringent ENERGY
STAR requirements for energy use.
• EA Toner. Our EA Toner with ultra low
melt technology achieves minimum fusing
temperature at 68 degrees F (20 degrees C)
lower than conventional toner for even more
energy savings and brilliant glossy output
even on ordinary paper.
• Induction heating. The newly developed,
heat-efficient IH fuser does not require
preheating, which helps reduce power
consumption in standby mode by 44%
compared to a resistance heating device. Plus,
the device recovers from sleep mode in less
than 10 seconds.
• LED scanner. The power consumption of the
scanner using LED lighting is 1/3 of traditional
scanners using fluorescent lamps.
Visit our website,
xerox/environment, to learn more about our
environmental stewardship efforts.
Power MIB
qualified. WorkCentre 7800
Keep your costs under control.
User Permissions allow the ability to restrict
access to print features by user, group, time
of day, or by application. For example, rules
can be set so that all Microsoft
emails automatically print in duplex mode
and in black-and-white; and all PowerPoint
presentations print in color.

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