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Gasoline is extremely flammable and is explosive under
certain conditions. Refuell in a well ventilated area with
the engine stopped. Do not smoke or allow open flames
or sparks when refuelling or servicing the fuel system.
Always close the fuel petcock when the engine is not
running to prevent flooding of the throttle body. Do not
overfill fuel tank (see instructions page 38).
Motorcycle exhaust contains poisonous carbon monoxide
gas. Do not inhale exhaust gases and never run the
engine in a closed garage or confined area.
Use only Ducati approved parts and accessories.
This motorcycle was not intended to be equipped with a
sidecar or to be used to tow any trailer or other vehicle.
Ducati does not manufacture sidecars or trailers and
cannot predict the effects of such accessories on
handling or stability, but can only warn that the effects
will be adverse and any damage to motorcycle
components caused by the use of such accessories will
not be remedied under warranty.
Do not ride the motorcycle with helmets attached
to the hook; the helmets could cause an accident by
distracting the operator or interfering with normal vehicle
Protective apparel
Always wear a helmet. Most motorcycle accident
fatalities are due to head injuries.
For safety eye protection, gloves, and high top, sturdy
boots should also be worn.
The exhaust system becomes very hot during operation,
never touch the exhaust system. Wear clothing that fully
covers your legs. Do not wear loose clothing which could
catch on the control levers, footrests, wheels, or chain.
Any amount of alcohol will significantly interfere with
your ability to safely operate your motorcycle. Don't drink
and ride.
Vehicle identification number (VIN);
Every Ducati motorcycle is identified by two identification
numbers (see page 9). Figure A specifically shows the
frame identification numbers.
ZDM 1L A 2 K # 3 B 0 0 0 0 0 0
# Varies-can be thru 9 or X (Check digit)
fig. A


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