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Using The Hob Correctly - Electrolux 65557 G-M Instruction Booklet

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Using the hob correctly

Practical hints
The burners
To ensure maximum burner efficiency,
you should only use pots and pans with a flat
bottom fitting the size of the burner used.
Triple Crown Burner
Rapid Burner
Front Semi-rapid Burner
Rear Semi-rapid Burner
Auxiliary Burner
• For easier lighting, proceed before putting
a pan on the pan support.
• Use only pans or pots with flat bottom.
• Take care when frying food in hot oil or
fat, as the overheated splashes could
easily ignite.
• If you use a saucepan which is smaller than
the recommended size, the flame will
spread beyond the bottom of the vessel,
causing the handle to overheat.
• Prolonged cooking with potstones,
earthenware pans or cast-iron plates is
inadvisable. Also, do not use aluminium
foil to protect the top during use.
• Make sure pots do not protrude over the
edges of the cooktop and that they are
centrally positioned on the rings in order to
obtain lower gas consumption.
• Do not place unstable or deformed pots on
the rings: they could tip over or spill their
contents, causing accidents.
• Pots must not enter the control zone.
• If the control knobs become difficult to
turn, please contact your local Service Force
diameter 18-26 cm
diameter 18-26 cm
diameter 12-18 cm
diameter 12-22 cm
diameter 8-18 cm
• As soon as a liquid starts boiling, turn down
the flame so that it will barely keep the
liquid simmering.


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