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Operation 11; Ignition Burners; Using The Hob Correctly - Electrolux EHG9360BS User Manual

Built-in gas hob with steam
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Operation 11

Ignition burners

1. Check to make sure that the gas supply is accessible and set up
with the necessary and appropriate fittings/connectors.
2. Turn all control knobs to off position.
3. This device is fitted with a safety tap to control the gas flow.
When the dot on the knob lines up with the following
symbols on the panel, these conditions prevail:
To dose, rotate the knob to the right until you feel the
tap's distinct click.
4. To ignite, hold the knob and depress for several seconds,
rotate it to maximum gas flow position. For models with
thermocouple, keep the knob depressed about 5~8 seconds,
otherwise the flame will extinguish.
5. If the burner does not light the first time, repeat Step 4.
6. If the flame extinguishes suddenly, repeat Step 4.
7. When using the unit again immediately after having once
turned it off, wait for about ten seconds before re-igniting.
8. Each burner has its own independent ignitor.
9. When the burner is lit, turn the knob to adjust the flame size
according to your needs. This needs no depression of the
For burner fitted with a flame supervision device, if after
15 seconds of ignition operation the burner has not lit,
stop operating the device and wait at least 1 minute
before attempting a further ignition of the burner.

Using the hob correctly

• To ensure maximum burner efficiency, it is strongly
recommended that you use only pots and pans with a bottom fitting
the size of the burner used, so that the flame will not spread
beyond the bottom of the vessel (Table 1).
• It is also advisable, as soon as the liquid starts boiling, to turn
down the flame so that it will barely keep the liquid simmering
Wok burner
Choice of burner
• A semi-rapid burner is for special low heat, simmering
and slow cooking.
• A wok burner is for very fast heating using a wok or large
Remember that a wide-bottomed pan allows a faster cooking
than a narrow one.
Always use pots which properly fit what you have to cook.
Particularly make sure that the pans are not too small for
liquids, since these could easily overflow.
The pans should not be too large for a faster cooking.
You should use pans with the right diameter to fit the burner, in
order to make the most out of it, thus reducing gas consumption
as in Fig 12.
It is also advisable to cover any boiling casserole and as soon
as the liquid starts to boil, lower the flame enough to keep the
boiling point



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