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Using the hob correctly

To ensure maximum burner efficiency, it is strongly recommended that
you use only pots and pans with a flat bottom fitting the size of the burner
used, so that flame will not spread beyond the bottom of the vessel (see the
table below).
As soon as a liquid starts boiling, turn down the flame so that it will
barely keep the liquid simmering.
Use only pans or pots with flat bottom.
If you use a saucepan which is smaller than the
recommended size, the flame will spread beyond the bottom
of the vessel, causing the handle to overheat.
Carefully supervise cooking with fat or oil, since these types of
foodstuff can result in a fire, if over-heated.
The stainless steel can become tarnished if excessively
heated. Therefore prolonged cooking with potstones,
earthenware pans or cast-iron plates is inadvisable. Also, do
not use aluminium foil to protect the top during use.
Make sure pots do not protrude over the edges of the
cooktop and that they are centrally positioned on the rings
in order to obtain lower gas consumption.
Do not place unstable or deformed pots on the rings: they
could tip over or spill their contents, causing accidents.
Pots must not enter the control zone.
Dual burner
Large (rapid)
(rear semi-rapid)
(front semi-rapid)
Small (auxiliary)
180 mm
300 mm
160 mm
260 mm
120 mm
220 mm
120 mm
180 mm
80 mm
180 mm


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