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Operation - Electrolux 65557 G-M Instruction Booklet

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Hob burner control knobs
The symbols on the knobs mean:
= no gas supply
= maximum gas supply
= minimum gas supply
For easier lighting, proceed before
putting a pan on the pan support.
Lighting the burners
To light a burner, turn the relevant knob
anticlockwise to maximum position (
and push down the knob to ignite.
After lighting the flame, keep the knob
pushed down for about 5 seconds. This will
allow the "thermocouple" (Fig. letter D) to be
heated and the safety device to be switched
off, otherwise the gas supply would be
interrupted. Then, check the flame is regular
and adjust it as required.
If you cannot light the flame even after
several attempts, check the "cap"
"crown" are in the correct position.
In the absence of electricity, ignition can
occur without the electrical device; in this
case approach the burner with a flame, push
the relevant knob down and turn it anti-
clockwise until it reaches the "maximum"
To switch off burners
To put the flame out, turn the knob to the
symbol ( ).
Take care when frying food in hot oil
or fat, as the overheated splashes
could easily ignite.
When switching on the mains, after
installation or a power cut, it is quite
normal for the spark generator to be
activated automatically.
Do not keep the control knob pressed for
more than 15 seconds.
If the burner does not light even after 15
seconds, release the control knob, turn it
the "off" position and wait for at least
one minute before trying to light the
burner again.
If the burner accidentally goes out, turn
the control knob to the "off" position
and wait for at least 1 minute before
trying to light the burner again.
Each control knob is equipped with a
pilot light which gradually lights up
according to the heat level that you
select with the control knob.


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