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Motorcycle Care And Storage; Care - YAMAHA DT125R Owner's Manual

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While the open design of a motorcy-
cle reveals the attractiveness of the
technology, it also makes it more vul-
nerable. Rust and corrosion can
develop even if high-quality compo-
nents are used. A rusty exhaust pipe
may go unnoticed on a car, however,
it detracts from the overall appearan-
ce of a motorcycle. Frequent and pro-
per care does not only comply with
the terms of the warranty, but it will
also keep your motorcycle looking
good, extend its life and optimize its
Before cleaning
1. Cover the muffler outlet with a
plastic bag after the engine has
cooled down.
2. Make sure that all caps and
covers as well as all electrical
couplers and connectors, inclu-
ding the spark plug cap, are
tightly installed.


3. Remove extremely stubborn dirt,
like oil burnt onto the crankcase,
with a degreasing agent and a
brush, but never apply such pro-
ducts onto seals, gaskets, sproc-
kets, the drive chain and wheel
axles. Always rinse the dirt and
degreaser off with water.
Avoid using strong acidic whe-
el cleaners, especially on spo-
ked wheels. If such products
are used on hard-to-remove
dirt, do not leave the cleaner on
the affected area any longer
than instructed. Also, tho-
roughly rinse the area off with
water, immediately dry it, and
then apply a corrosion protec-
tion spray.
Improper cleaning can damage
windshields, cowlings, panels
and other plastic parts. Use
only a soft, clean cloth or spon-
ge with mild detergent and
water to clean plastic.
Do not use any harsh chemical
products on plastic parts. Be
sure to avoid using cloths or
sponges which have been in
contact with strong or abrasive
cleaning products, solvent or
thinner, fuel (gasoline), rust
removers or inhibitors, brake
fluid, antifreeze or electrolyte.
Do not use high-pressure was-
hers or steam-jet cleaners sin-
ce they cause water seepage
and deterioration in the follo-
wing areas: seals (of wheel and
swingarm bearings, fork and
brakes), electric components
(couplers, connectors, instru-
ments, switches and lights),
breather hoses and vents.
For motorcycles equipped with
a windshield: Do not use strong
cleaners or hard sponges as
they will cause dulling or scrat-
ching. Some cleaning com-
pounds for plastic may leave
scratches on the windshield.
Test the product on a small hid-
den part of the windshield to
make sure that it does not lea-


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