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ve any marks. If the windshield
is scratched, use a quality
plastic polishing compound
after washing.
After normal use
Remove dirt with warm water, a mild
detergent, and a soft, clean sponge,
and then rinse thoroughly with clean
water. Use a toothbrush or bottle-
brush for hard-to-reach areas. Stub-
born dirt and insects will come off
more easily if the area is covered with
a wet cloth for a few minutes before
After riding in the rain, near the sea or
on salt-sprayed roads
Since sea salt or salt sprayed on
roads during winter are extremely
corrosive in combination with water,
carry out the following steps after
each ride in the rain, near the sea or
on salt-sprayed roads.
Salt sprayed on roads in the winter
may remain well into spring.
1. Clean the motorcycle with cold
water and a mild detergent, after
the engine has cooled down.
Do not use warm water since it
increases the corrosive action of
the salt.
2. Apply a corrosion protection
spray on all metal, including
chrome- and nickel-plated, surfa-
ces to prevent corrosion.
After cleaning
1. Dry the motorcycle with a cha-
mois or an absorbing cloth.
2. Immediately dry the drive chain
and lubricate it to prevent it from
3. Use a chrome polish to shine
chrome, aluminum and stainless-
steel parts, including the exhaust
system. (Even the thermally indu-
ced discoloring of stainless-steel
exhaust systems can be removed
through polishing.)
4. To prevent corrosion, it is recom-
mended to apply a corrosion pro-
tection spray on all metal, inclu-
ding chrome- and nickel-plated,
5. Use spray oil as a universal clea-
ner to remove any remaining dirt.
6. Touch up minor paint damage
caused by stones, etc.
7. Wax all painted surfaces.
8. Let the motorcycle dry comple-
tely before storing or covering it.
Make sure that there is no oil or
wax on the brakes or tires. If
necessary, clean the brake
discs and brake linings with a
regular brake disc cleaner or
acetone, and wash the tires
with warm water and a mild
Before operating the motorcy-
cle test its braking performan-
ce and cornering behavior.


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