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Deep Frying - Electrolux FM 4500 FR-A User Manual

Electrolux grill/deep fat fryer
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Operating the appliance

Deep frying

1. Fill fryer basket with food to be fried outside of the deep fat fryer and shake.
Ice and small pieces of food to be fried can fall through the fryer basket into the
hot oil.
2. Wait until oil has reached the selected temperature.
Temperature indicator no longer flashes and acoustic signal sounds.
3. Fry food until it has taken on the appropriate colour.
4. After deep frying lift the fryer basket out of the oil.
5. Carefully shake fryer basket to remove excess oil.
6. Hang fryer basket on the hanger to allow further draining.
When dealing with larger quantities of food to be fried, take the fryer basket out
of the oil after 1-2 minutes and heat the oil up again.
When the oil is heated up again, continue deep frying.
If using frying fat, cut this into pieces and melt at 120°C.



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