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Grill - Electrolux FM 4500 FR-A User Manual

Electrolux grill/deep fat fryer


Table of Contents
Cleaning and Care


Grill shelf and grill insert
Clean grill shelf and grill insert after each use.
The heating element can be removed for the cleaning of the grill shelf.
Important: The heating element's plug must not be immersed in water.
Centring pin
Removing heating element
1. Remove grill shelf from the appliance.
2. Undo screws on the bottom on the grill shelf
3. Remove plate.
4. Remove heating element.
Cleaning grill shelf and grill insert
Remove residues using a brush.
Soak off stubborn residues in hot washing up water.
If grey discolorations appear, occasionally oil the grill shelf
Inserting heating element
1. Insert centring pin on the heating element in the grill shelf and reposition plate.
2. Replace screws and tighten.
The grill temperature sensor is located in front of the socket. The sensor's con-
tact surface to the grill shelf is always to be kept clean.
Lava stones
As soon as a lot of fat has collected on the lava stones, the lava stones must be
Clean lava stones in a basket that is dishwasher-safe or in hot washing up water.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents