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Preparation Of The Appliance; Using Grilling - Electrolux FM 4500 FR-A User Manual

Electrolux grill/deep fat fryer
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Table of Contents

Preparation of the appliance

Using grilling

The grill may only be used with the grill insert inserted.
1. Insert grill insert with lava stones in the grill.
The lava stones absorb fat that comes out of the food when grilling.
2. Take hold of grill shelf firmly with both
hands and tilt it backwards until it is in the
fixture (A).
3. Lower grill shelf and insert the plug in the
socket (B).
With very fatty foods the lava stones can
be replaced with water.
A sufficient amount of water is important.
Socket has live parts and must be protected
from moisture.
Only fill up with water when deep fat fryer
plug is inserted in the socket.
Preparation of the appliance


Table of Contents

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