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Grill And Deep Fat Fryer In Combination - Electrolux FM 4500 FR-A User Manual

Electrolux grill/deep fat fryer


Table of Contents
Tips on Cooking and Frying

Grill and deep fat fryer in combination

Example: steak and chips
1. Fill deep fat fryer with oil and set temperature.
2. Fry chips until they are almost ready.
3. Switch deep fat fryer off.
4. Insert grill insert and grill shelf, set grill setting.
5. Grill steaks and keep warm on a plate.
6. Switch grill off.
7. Set temperature for the deep fat fryer.
8. Finish frying chips.
Take care! Risk of burns from hot parts.
When changing between frying and grilling use an oven glove.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents