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Installing More Than One Frontline Hob - Electrolux FM 4500 FR-A User Manual

Electrolux grill/deep fat fryer


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Installing more than one Frontline hob

Installing more than one Frontline hob
Additional parts: cross bar(s), heat resistant silicon, rubber block, shaving blade.
Only use special heat-resistant silicon.
Cut-out section
Distance from the wall: at least 50 mm
Depth:490 mm
Width: The widths of all appliances to be built-in are added together, minus 20
mm (see also "Overview of all appliance widths")
Installing more than one appliance
1. Work out the size of the cut-out section and saw it out.
2. Remove Frontline strip from the appliances by hand (magnetic fastening).
3. Lay the appliances one at a time on something soft (for example a blanket) with
the underside facing upwards.
4. Screw / clip fixing plates / retaining grips into the appropriate holes in the pro-
tective boxes.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents