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Philips AC4080 User Manual

Combi air purifier and humidifier.
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  • Page 1 Always there to help you Register your product and get support from AC4080 AC4081 Question? Contact Philips User Manual...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 7 Reset the filter lifetime counter 1 Important Safety 8 Troubleshooting 2 Your combi air purifier and humidifier 9 Guarantee and service Order parts or accessories 3 Get started Install filters 10 Notices Prepare for humidification Electromagnetic fields (EMF) Recycling 4 Use the appliance Understand the air quality light...
  • Page 4: Important

    Important by Philips, a service center authorized by Philips, or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard. Safety Do not use the appliance if the • plug, the power cord, or the Read this user manual carefully before you use appliance itself is damaged.
  • Page 5 • installed before you switch on from electrical appliances the appliance. that use airborne radio waves Only use the original Philips such as TVs, radios, and radio- • filters specially intended for this controlled clocks. appliance. Do not use any other When the appliance is not •...
  • Page 6 radon (Rn). It cannot be used a safety device in case of accidents with combustion processes and hazardous chemicals. Clean the water tank every day • to keep it clean. Only fill the water tank with • cold tap water. Do not use ground water or hot water.
  • Page 7: Your Combi Air Purifier And Humidifier

    Congratulations on your purchase, and welcome from the water. to Philips! *According to 2008 Microbiological Risk To fully benefit from the support that Philips Assessment Report of the World Health offers, register your product at Organization (WHO), the avian influenza, welcome.
  • Page 8: Get Started

    Insert the filters in the correct position. • Make sure that you place the filters in the order of filter 2 and then the pre-filter. AC4080 AC4081 • Make sure that the side with the tag is pointing towards you.
  • Page 9: Prepare For Humidification

    Prepare for humidification Remove all packaging materials of the humidification filter. AC4080 AC4081 Put the pre-filter back into the appliance. Pull out the water tank from the side of the appliance. AC4080 AC4081 Note • Make sure that the side with the two clips is pointing towards you, and that all hooks of the pre-filter are properly attached to the purifier.
  • Page 10 Open the lid of the water filling hole. Push the water tank back into the appliance. Fill the water tank with cold tap water. Note • When pouring water into the water tank, make sure not to exceed the MAX water level indication.
  • Page 11: Use The Appliance

    Use the appliance Put the plug into the power supply. Understand the air quality light Color of the air quality Air quality level light Blue Good Purple Fair » All lights go on once and then go out again. Press to switch on the appliance.
  • Page 12: Change The Working Mode

    Press for 2 seconds to switch off the Press again to activate the humidification appliance. function again. Note • In air purification only mode, the humidification button does not respond. • The appliance cannot work under humidification only mode. 2” Set the sensitivity of the air quality sensor Note...
  • Page 13 After a short while, put the plug in the wall Press the fan speed button to adjust socket again. the sensitivity level of the air quality sensor. Press and hold the fan speed button and humidifier button simultaneously Press and hold or 2 seconds to save or 3 seconds.
  • Page 14: Change The Fan Speed

    Manual Change the fan speed You can mannually select the desired fan speed. AUTO • Press the fan speed button once or more times to select the desired fan speed In AUTO mode, the appliance selects the appropriate fan speed in accordance with the ambient air quality.
  • Page 15: Set The Timer

    Press the timer button repeatedly to Sleep mode choose the number of hours you want the In sleep mode, the appliance operates very appliance to operate. The corresponding quietly. timer light goes on. Press the fan speed button to select the •...
  • Page 16: Set The Child Lock

    Set the child lock Water level The water level in the water tank is visible Note through the water level window on the side of the appliance. When there is not enough water • Child lock is only applicable for AC4081。 in the water tank, flashes to indicate that you have to refill the water tank.
  • Page 17: Cleaning

    Cleaning Clean the air quality sensor Clean the air quality sensor every two months for optimal functioning of the appliance. Clean Note it more frequently if you use the appliance in a dusty environment. • Always unplug the appliance before you clean it. •...
  • Page 18: Clean The Water Tank And Humidification Filter

    Clean the sensor, the dust inlet and the Remove the humidification filter from the water tank. dust outlet with a lightly moistened cotton swab. Rinse the humidification filter under a running tap. Dry them with a dry cotton swab. Reattach the sensor cover. Clean the water tank and humidification filter Clean the water tank and humidification filter...
  • Page 19: Clean The Pre-filter And Descale The Humidification Filter

    Rinse the water tank under a running tap. Clean the pre-filter and descale the humidification filter Filter alert light status Follow this Filter light goes on Clean the pre-filter and descale the humidification filter Note Note • Only the pre-filter and humidification filter are •...
  • Page 20 Mix the white vinegar with an equal amount of tap water in a container that is large enough to soak the humidification filter in. Note • White vinegar has 5% acetic acid. • If there are white deposits (limescale) on the filter, make sure that the side with the white deposits is immersed in the water.
  • Page 21: Replace The Filters

    This appliance is equipped with the healthy air protect lock to make sure that the filters are in optimal condition when the appliance is AC4080 AC4081 operating. When the filter is almost full and has to be replaced, the specific filter light ( / ) Remove all packaging material from the new start to flash.
  • Page 22: Replace The Humidification Filter

    Put the new humidification filter in the Replace the humidification water tank. filter Replace the humidification filter when filter light starts flashing. Put the water tank back into the appliance. Remove the used humidification filter from the water tank. Reset the humidification filter lifetime counter.
  • Page 23: Reset The filter Lifetime Counter

    Reset the filter lifetime counter When you replace the filters, it is important that you also reset the filter lifetime counter afterwards. This allows the appliance to be in sync with the filter lifetime. Press and hold the reset button for 3 seconds, the filter light goes out, and the appliance resumes work automatically in...
  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting This chapter summarizes the most common problems you could encounter with the appliance. If you are unable to solve the problem with the information below, contact the Consumer Care Center in your country. Possible solution Problem • The filter replacement light has been on continuously but you did not The appliance does replace the corresponding filter, it is now locked.
  • Page 25 This is normal. However, if the appliance produces a burnt smell, contact produces a strange your Philips dealer or an authorized Philips service centre. The appliance smell. may also produce an unpleasant smell when one of the filters is dirty. In this case, clean or replace the filter concerned.
  • Page 26: Guarantee And Service

    Guarantee and service If you need information or if you have a problem, please visit the Philips website at www. or contact the Philips Consumer Care Center in your country (you find its phone number in the worldwide guarantee leaflet).
  • Page 27: 10 Notices

    One of Philips' leading Business Principles is to take all necessary health and safety measures for our products, to comply with all applicable legal requirements and to stay well within the EMF standards applicable at the time of producing the products.
  • Page 28 产品 :飞利浦空气净化器 型号 :AC4081 额定电压 :220V~ 额定频率 :50Hz 额定输入功率 :68 W 生产日期 :请见产品本体 产地 :中国江苏苏州 飞利浦(中国)投资有限公司 上海市天目西路218号1602-1605 全国顾客服务热线: 4008 800 008 本产品根据国标GB4706.1-2005, GB4706.45-2008, GB4706.48-2009制造 Specifications are subject to change without notice © 2013 Koninklijke Philips N.V. All rights reserved AC4080_4081_EN_UM_V1.0_131216...

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