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The Oven; The Functions Of The Oven - Electrolux EKE 5161 Instruction Book

Electrolux cooker
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The oven

The oven
The oven has removable side racks for the shelves (1)
with three rungs on each side.
The roasting sensor socket is on the right-hand inside
of the oven (2) and the fan with ring element is on the
back wall of the oven (3).

The functions of the oven

For all oven functions, the indicator light comes on
when the oven is heating and goes out when the set
temperature is reached (goes on and off as the thermo-
stat switches in and out). To choose an oven function,
turn the function control clockwise to the symbol for
the desired function (see below).
Oven light
The oven light comes on automatically for all settings.
You can also have just the light on without any of the
other functions being turned on.
Top/bottom heat
Using both top and bottom elements.
Fan-assisted oven
Using fan plus an element around the fan.
Pizza/Quiche position
Using fan, ring and bottom element.
Turbo grill
Using the grill element and fan.
Top element
Using the element at the top of the oven.
Bottom element
Using the element at the bottom of the oven.
Using the grilling element.
Swift start
Using the grilling and bottom element. It takes approx.
nine to ten minutes to heat the oven to 200ºC. Can also
be used for "au gratin" dishes.