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Electrolux EKE 5161 Instruction Book page 10

Electrolux cooker
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The hob
It is best when frying not to use food that has come
straight out of the refrigerator. Only about 2/3 of the
bottom of the pan should be covered by food.
Put the margarine or butter in the frying pan and
turn on to the recommended heat. In order to get the
best results, it is important that the fat is the right
colour (temperature) when you start frying. Hold a
light-coloured spatula to the bottom of the pan to see
the colour of the fat.
: Suitable for eggs, onions, raw
potatoes, chops and steaks and whole fish, etc.
: Suitable for frying most foods such as
pancakes, minced meats, sausages, thin fish fillets and
stewing steak.
: Suitable for thin steaks. Be careful
as the fat can easily become burnt.
Choosing suitable pans
To help you save both time and energy, the bases of
saucepans and frying pans should:
• be at least as large as the hotplate. If the base is
smaller than the hotplate, any spillages are quite
likely to burn onto the hob.
• be flat. It takes longer to heat a pan with a base
which curves in or outwards too much.
When you are buying new pans, it is advisable to
choose stainless steel ones with sandwich-type bases
(i.e. layers of different metals).
Save energy!
• Putting a lid on pans cuts the amount of energy
used by half (compared to cooking without lids).
• Using pans with flat bases saves 25% energy
(compared to uneven based pans).
• Make sure the hob is clean and dry. Dirt and
moisture reduce heat transfer between pans and
• Turn the hotplates off and finish cooking using
the remaining heat.
• Save energy by steaming and pressure-cooking.