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Turbo Grill - Electrolux EKE 5161 Instruction Book

Electrolux cooker
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Turbo grill

The turbo grill cooks food faster and browns it more
evenly than the grill. The grill element browns the
food and the fan circulates the hot air. Perfect for 'tall'
dishes such as grilling ham to give it an even, all-round
Pizza/Quiche position
Perfect for cooking a pizza. Heat the oven to 225ºC
and place the pizza on the middle shelf. Use a baking
tray, not a roasting dish, to prevent the edges of the
pizza from burning.
Swift start (browning)
Excellent for browning au gratin dishes, toasted sand-
wiches, etc. You can also use this function to heat the
oven quickly to the set temperature. When the oven
has reached that temperature, you can then select
whichever function is required. It takes about 9-10
minutes to reach 200ºC. However, do not use this
method of rapid heating when baking biscuits or
Set the function control to
meat, fish, glazed, iced or filled bakery products, the
temperature control should be off.
Oven shelves/baking trays can be placed on several
shelf positions if you have a large quantity of food to
defrost. The times required cannot be given here. Test
using a skewer.
. When thawing frozen
The oven