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Safety Information - Electrolux ESF 2435 Instruction Book

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Safety information

Before installing and first using the dishwasher, read this instruction booklet carefully, including its
hints and warnings. To avoid unnecessary mistakes and accidents, it is important to ensure that all
people using the dishwasher are thoroughly familiar with its operation and safety features.
Save these instructions and make sure they remain with the dishwasher if it is moved or sold, so
that everyone using it through its life can be properly informed on appliance use and safety.
Installation and servicing
All installation and service work done on the product
must be carried out by a qualified technician. Work
performed by persons with inadequate knowledge may
adversely affect the satisfactory functioning of the
product and may cause personal injury or damage.
Before any work is carried out on the dishwasher, it
must be isolated from the electrical supply, by un-
plugging the power cord or removing the fuse.
Water connection shall be made via an easily accessible
The power cord must be plugged into an earthed
socket, which need to be easily accessible. Permanent
installation must only be carried out by an authorized
If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced
by a special cord or assembly available from the
manufacturer or its service agent.
Make sure that the power cord is not nipped or other-
wise damaged and that the hoses do not get crushed
or kinked when moving the dishwasher in connection
with installation or cleaning etc.
Servicing and possible repairs must be carried out by
a service company authorized by the manufacturer.
Use only spare parts supplied by these. Never try to
repair the dishwasher yourself.
Child Safety
The dishwasher should be used by adults only. Do not
let children play with the controls or other parts of it.
Remember that the plastic bags included in the
packaging can be fatal playthings for small children.
Keep all detergents in safe place out of children´s
Prevent children from sitting, swinging or standing
on the open door.
During Use
This dishwasher is designed solely for washing house-
hold utensils suitable for machine washing. Using it for
other purposes could lead to physical injury or damage
to property and invalidate the guarantee.
Avoid opening the door while the dishwasher is running,
since hot steam may escape.
Only use detergent specifically designed for use in
Do not place sharp knives with their points upwards.
It is much safer to lay them horizontally in the basket.
Ensure that the door of the dishwasher is always closed
when it is not being loaded or unloaded. In this way
you will avoid anybody tripping over the open door
and hurting themselves.
If you take any dishes out of the dishwasher before the
end of the dishwashing cycle, it is extremely important
to rinse them thoroughly under running water to remove
any remaining detergent.
The water safety system protects against water damages.
The following requirements must be fulfilled:
- The dishwasher must be electrically connected when
it is shut off.
- The dishwasher must be correctly installed.
- Always shut off the water supply whenever the dish-
washer is left unattended for an extended period.
In the event of flooding or leakage, shut off the water
supply immediately by closing the stopcock and dis-
connect the power supply by unplugging the power cord
or removing the fuse. When removing the electrical
plug, grip the plug, not the lead.
- packaging:
All materials used in packaging this appliance are
environmentally-friendly. The various plastics used
are identified and can be recycled:
PE stands for polyethylene, which is used for the
bag around the appliance and the bag in which these
instructions were supplied.
PS stands for polystyrene (moulded), which is used
for the sections of packaging needed to cushion the
The cardboard components of the packaging are made
from recyclable paper and should be taken to a collection
point for recycling.
The appliance contains plastic and rubber components.
These have identifying marks to show what they are
made from, so they can be recycled or disposed of
properly at the end of the appliance's life cycle.
The materials are identified according to international
- old apparatus:
At the end of the appliance's useful life, disconnect the
electrical plug from the power supply, then cut the electrical
lead at the point where it enters the appliance. Make quite
sure that children will not be able to play with it.
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