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What To Do If - Electrolux EHET66CS User Manual

Ceramic glass hob
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12 electrolux
Remove stubborn residues with a
cleaner for glass ceramic or stain-
less steel.
Scratches or dark stains on the
glass ceramic that cannot be re-
moved do not however affect the
functioning of the appliance.

What to do if ...

The cooking zones will not
switch on or are not func-
Acoustic signal sounds
when appliance is switch-
ed off
The residual heat indicator
is not displaying anything
The automatic warm up
function is not switching it-
self on
Acoustic signal sounds
and appliance switches it-
self on and then off again;
after 5 seconds another
acoustic signal sounds
is lit
Possible cause
More than 10 seconds have
passed since the appliance was
switched on
The child safety device is switched
Several sensor fields were touched
at the same time
Automatic switch off has been trig-
The lock is switched on
The control panel is wholly or partly
covered by objects.
The cooking zone was only on for a
short time and is therefore not hot
There is still residual heat on the
cooking zone
The highest heat setting is set
The heat setting was set using the
sensor field
The On/Off sensor field has been
covered up, e.g. by a cloth
Overheating protection for the
cooking zone has been triggered
Automatic switch off has been trig-
Warning! Residues from cleaning
agents will damage the appliance.
Remove residues with water and
washing up liquid.
Switch the appliance on again.
Deactivate the child safety device
(See the section "Child safety de-
Only touch one sensor field
Remove any objects (pan, cloths,
etc.) that are lying on the control
panel. Switch the appliance on
Switch off the lock (See the section
"Locking/unlocking the control
Remove objects.
If the cooking zone is supposed to
be hot, call the Customer Service
Let the cooking zone cool down
The highest heat setting has the
same power as the automatic
warm up function
1. Switch off the cooking zone
2. Set the cooking zone using the
sensor field
Do not place any objects on the
control panel
Switch off the cooking zone.
Switch the cooking zone on again
Switch off the cooking zone.
Switch the cooking zone on again



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