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Electrolux ES 15 Instruction Manual page 6

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reference number of the corresponding component to
draw the reader's attention to the main safety
procedure linked with that particular situation; the
machine parts shown in "A
DESCRIPTION" are indicated in italics in the text for
easy identification.
Precautions prior to machine use. Never permit
this machine to be used by any persons who are not
perfectly familiar with the manual instructions, who
are not in good physical and mental condition, who
are not sufficiently competent and by children (local
regulations may sometimes limit the age of operators
permitted to use the machine). Inexperienced
persons must follow a training period operating on a
saw horse only. The user is responsible for any
accidents that may cause injury to other persons and
damage to property, as well as any other type of
danger risk. The machine must never be used for
operations other than those specifically described in
this manual, and exclusively with the bars and chains
indicated. This machine must never be used when
users are tired, or not in good physical condition, or if
under the effect of any substance that may alter their
physical or mental condition (pharmaceuticals,
alcohol, drugs etc.) Make certain that the user knows
how to stop the motor and chain in case of necessity.
Take great care and pay close attention at all times
when using this machine, following all general
behaviour rules according to good sense.
1. Control checks. Control the machine with care
before use each time, especially if it has been subject
to strong impact, or if it shows any signs of
malfunction. Check that the machine has been
assembled correctly, that all components are in
correct condition and perfectly clean. Perform all
operations described in the chapter "Maintenance –
before each use". Make sure that all spanners and
tools used for adjustment operations have been
removed, that all screws and nuts are in their correct
housing and tightened correctly, and that the bar and
the chain are mounted correctly. If even one single
condition described above is not satisfactory DO NOT
USE the machine.
2. Repairs and Maintenance. All the machine parts
that can be replaced personally, are clearly explained
in the "Assembly / disassembly" instructions chapter.
In the case of damaged or worn components, always
use exclusively original homologated accessories and
spare parts that are available from official distributors.
Where necessary, all other machine parts must be
replaced exclusively by an Authorised Service
Centre. All danger risks increase considerably if
maintenance operations are not performed regularly,
not performed by competent professional personnel,
or if non-original accessories /spare parts are
mounted on the machine. In any of the cases
described above, the manufacturer will not be held
responsible for any injury to persons or damage to
property. In the case of any doubt, please contact an
Authorised Service Centre.
maintenance, assembly, disassembly and oil tank
filling operations must be performed with the machine
set in a stable position on a flat solid surface and with
the cable plug disconnected from the electricity
supply (unless this is explicitly specified otherwise).
The chain must be arrested and the user must wear
suitable protective gloves.
4. Clothing. When using this machine the user must
wear the following homologated individual protective
clothing : close-fitting protective clothing, safety boots
with non-slip soles, crush-proof toe puffs and cut-
proof protection; cut-proof vibration-proof gloves,
protective goggles or safety visor (remove protective
film where present); ear protection muffs; helmet (if
there is any danger of falling objects); some efficient
method to cover or tie hair back from shoulder length
(if hair is longer than shoulders); dust-proof mask. DO
NOT WEAR shorts, loose clothing, unbuttoned
clothing, or any jewellery that could become caught in
moving machine parts. Do not wear sandals and
never work bare-footed.
5. Health precautions – Vibrations and Noise
levels. Avoid using the machine for long periods of
time: the noise and vibrations can be dangerous
causing irritation, stress, fatigue and
(hearing problems). Prolonged machine use exposes
the user to vibrations that can generate "white finger
tunnel syndrome and similar disturbances. This can
lead to a lack of sensitivity in the hands making it
difficult to notice changes in temperature as well as
causing numbness. When using the machine
regularly or in continuation, the user must control the
condition of his hands very carefully. If any of the
symptoms described above appear, consult a doctor
(Raynaud's Phenomenon), carpal



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