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Electrolux ES 15 Instruction Manual page 10

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case do not tighten the chain immediately after use, but wait until it cools down.
In cases where the loosened chain needs to be adjusted, always unscrew the bar retaining nuts / knob before
adjusting the chain tensioning screw/knob ; adjust the tension and tighten the bar retaining nuts /knob
Start-up: grip both handles firmly, release the chain
brake lever, press and maintain the switch block
pressed in, then press the switch (at this point the
switch block can be released).
ATTENTION! Insufficient lubrication will provoke
chain breaking and can cause serious and even
mortal injury.
Bar and chain lubrication is performed by an
automatic pump. If your machine is equipped with an
oil pump adjustment knob (optional) the chain
lubrication can be adjusted as shown in the
illustration (fig.1), according to the type of cutting
operation in hand (dry wood – more oil, green wood -
less oil, long bar- more oil, short bar - less oil).
Take great care to ensure that the chain is always
sufficiently lubricated by never closing the pump
completely. Refer to "Maintenance" for indications on
ensuring that the chain oil is sufficiently distributed.
Choice of chain oil
Always use new oil only (special type for chains) with
ATTENTION! In cases where work environments are
particularly dirty or dusty, the operations described
must be performed more frequently than mentioned
in the instructions.
Before each use
Control that the chain oil pump functions correctly:
direct the bar towards a clear surface at a distance of
about 20 centimetres; after the machine has run for
about a minute, the surface should show clear traces
of oil(fig.1).
Arrest: The machine will stop whenever the switch is
released. In the case where the machine does not
stop, activate the chain brake, disconnect the cable
from the main line socket and take the machine to the
Authorised Service Centre.
adequate viscosity: the oil must adhere well and
guarantee good running properties in both winter and
summer. If chain oil is not available, EP 90
transmission oil can be used.
Never use waste oil because this is this harmful to
health, the machine and the environment. Make sure that
the oil is suitable for the temperature of the environment
where the tool will be used: For temperatures under 0°C
certain oils become denser, overloading the pump and
causing damage. Contact your Authorised Service
Centre for advice on oil choice.
Filling oil tank
Unscrew the oil tank cap, and fill the tank taking care
not to spill any oil (if this occurs clean the machine
carefully) (fig.2), and then screw the cap back on
Check that excessive strength is not needed for
activating and deactivating the chain brake. Also
check that it is not activated too easily and that it is
not blocked. Then check chain brake function as
follows: release the chain brake, grip the machine
correctly and start up the machine, activate the chain
brake by pushing the front hand guard forward with
the left wrist or arm but without removing the hand
from the handle(fig.2). If the chain brake is working
correctly, the chain should be blocked immediately.



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