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Electrolux ES 15 Instruction Manual page 11

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Check that the chain is sharpened correctly (See
below), in good working condition and that the
tension is correct. If the chain is irregularly worn, or if
the cutting teeth are only 3 mm high, the chain must
be replaced(fig.3).
Clean the air vents regularly to prevent motor
Check that the switch and switch block function
correctly (to be performed with the chain brake
released): press the switch and the switch block and
control that they return to idle position as soon as
they are released; control that it is impossible to
press the switch without activating the switch block.
Check that the chain catcher and the right hand
guard are in correct condition without any visible
faults such as damaged material.
Every 2-3 hours of use
Control the bar condition, if necessary clean the
lubrication holes(fig.4) and the guide grooves(fig.5)
carefully; If the groove is worn or shows signs of deep
notching, it must be replaced. Turn the bar to ensure
even wear(fig.6). Clean the pinion regularly and check
that it has not been subject to excess wear(fig.7).
Lubricate the nose sprocket with bearing grease
through the hole shown in the illustration (fig.8).
Chain sharpening (When necessary)
If the chain does not cut correctly, or requires hard
bar pressure against the wood, and if the sawdust is
very fine, this is a sign that it is not sharpened
correctly. If the cutting action produces no sawdust,
this means the cutting edge has been worn
completely and the chain is pulverising the wood
during cutting. A well-sharpened chain crosses
through the wood without effort or pressure and
produces large long wood shavings.
When using the machine, prevent: (fig.1)
- cutting in conditions where the trunk could split
during cutting (wood under pressure, dry dead trees,
etc): sudden splitting can be very dangerous.
- the bar or the chain from becoming blocked in the
cutting notch: if this should occur, disconnect the
machine from the main electricity supply and try to
raise the trunk using an appropriate tool as a lever; do
not attempt to free the machine by shaking or pulling
as this could cause damage or injury.
The cutting side of the chain is composed of the cutting
link (fig.9) with a cutting tooth(fig.10) and a cutting limit
gauge(fig.11). The difference between these determines
the cutting depth; a file guide and a 4mm diameter round
file are needed to obtain good sharpening results; Follow
the instructions below: Once the chain has been
mounted and the tension is correctly adjusted, and the
chain brake is activated, position the file guide
perpendicular to the bar as shown in the
illustration(fig.12), filing the cutting teeth at the angle
shown(fig.13), always working from the interior towards
the exterior, lessening the pressure during the return
stage (it is very important to follow the instructions
perfectly: excessive or insufficient sharpening angles, or
an incorrect file diameter will increase the risk of
kickback.) To obtain higher precision on side angles, it is
advisable to position the file so that it exceeds the upper
cutter by about 0.5 mm. File all the teeth on one side first,
then turn the machine over and repeat the operation.
Make sure that after sharpening operations, all teeth are
the same length and that the height of the depth gauge is
0.6 mm lower than the upper cutter: check the height
using a proper template and file (with a flat file) all
protruding parts, rounding off the front part of the depth
gauge(fig.14), paying attention to not file the kickback
protection tooth(fig.15)
Every 30 hours use.
Take the machine to the Authorised Service Centre
for general revision and control check on brake
Always empty the fuel tank with the same precautions
used in filling it.
- situations that can lead to kickback reactions.
During machine use: (fig.1)
- When cutting on sloping ground, always work uphill
of the trunk to avoid being hit if the trunk should roll
- Release the switch after each cutting action:
prolonged dry running of the motor will provoke
serious damage.
- When felling trees, always finish the job: a partially
cut tree could break and fall.



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