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Electrolux ES 15 Instruction Manual page 7

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6. Health precautions – Chemical agents. Avoid all
chain oil contact with skin and eyes.
7. Health precautions - Electricity. All extension
cords, plugs, and electricity lines must be
homologated, to standard and in compliance with
current regulations. Make sure that the main line to
which the machine is connected is equipped with a
residual current device (RCD) with a current capacity
no higher than 30mA. Make sure that all cables,
plugs, and the residual current device are in correct
working condition, that they comply with required
characteristics, are mounted or hooked up correctly
and are perfectly clean. Never disconnect the
machine from the main line by pulling on the cable.
Never use or store the machine and extension cord in
damp environments. If the cable is damaged in any
way, disconnect immediately from the main line
socket, taking great care not to touch any exposed
wires. Avoid all contact with grounded surfaces when
using the machine (metal piping, cables, lightening
conductors, etc). When working outdoors, all
extension cords attached to the machine must be
homologated for use out of doors. Avoid tying any
knots in electric cables and never use rolled up
extension cords.
8. Health precautions - Heat. During use pinion
and chain reach very high temperatures, take care
not to touch these parts while hot.
9. Health precautions – Sharp or moving
Never touch the chain except when the
machine is switched off; in any case, always take
great care since the chain is very sharp and can cut
even when stopped. Remember that the chain will
continue to rotate for a short time after the machine
has been switched off.
10. Work area. Control the whole work area carefully
to check for any danger source (e.g.: roads, paths,
electric cables, dangerous trees, etc) Take special
care when working on sloping ground. Cluttered
areas can lead to injuries: before using the machine
remove any stones, glass, cables, metal components,
cans, bottles and any other foreign matter from the
work area. Also take into consideration any danger
risks that may not be noticed because of machine
noise. Make sure that a second person is within
calling distance in the case of accident. When
working in isolated areas, always carry a first aid kit
and make sure you have advised others of your exact
11. Work operations
Never start work with the machine before
performing the following: remove the giude bar
cover guard; make sure that a sufficient amount of oil
has reached the chain; make sure you have a
planned retreat path from falling trees (when cutting
It is strictly forbidden to use the machine for:
moving branches or roots; in cases where there is
any danger that the chain may come into contact with
the ground, electric protection, or piled wood; for
cutting very thin branches or bushes (these will break
easily and can whip bystanders or the user causing
serious injury); for felling trees without adequate
training and equipment (correct ropes, hooks, etc);
starting sawing operations with the blade already
engaged in a previous groove or slit; using the
machine while standing on stepladders or other
unstable surfaces; using the machine in extreme
weather conditions, inclement weather, with reduced
temperatures, very hot damp climates, fog, rain, wind,
at night, etc.); using the machine with arms stretched:
work must always be performed in a manner to
ensure that the user can react immediately to
unexpected conditions; it is forbidden to leave the
machine unguarded; permitting others to touch the
cable, extension cord , or the machine; forcing the
machine during cutting action (this can lead to motor
damage or loss of control over the machine); blocking
the switch or the switch block with adhesive tape or
other materials.
Always remember to: cut wood only (never cut
plastic, metal, or other materials); make sure that the
switch is NOT turned ON before inserting the plug in
the socket or releasing the chain brake lever; make
sure that the chain is not in contact with any objects
at the moment the switch is turned ON; Keep all
bystanders and animals well clear of the work area
(where necessary, fence off the area and use
warning signs) at a minimum distance of 2.5 m times
the trunk height; in any case no less than ten meters.
Wherever possible use a vice or a saw horse to block
the wood to be cut; always hold the machine as
follows: Grip the front handle with the left hand and
the rear handle with the right hand, closing the thumb
and other fingers firmly around the handle (during
use, the machine could slide forwards or backwards,
or create a reverse action, provoking a kickback
reaction: holding the machine correctly reduces the
risk of loosing control over the tool); Always make



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