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Uses, Tables And Tips; Pans - Electrolux EHP 6640 P Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Ceramic glass hob
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Uses, Tables and Tips


The better the pan, the better the results.
• You can recognise good pans by their bases. The
base should be as thick and flat as possible.
• Pay particular attention when buying new pans to
the diameter of the base. Manufacturers often give
only the diameter of the upper rim.
• Pots with aluminium or copper bases can cause
metallic discolouring on the glass ceramic surface,
which is very difficult or impossible to remove.
• Do not use cast iron pans or pans with a rough,
burred or damaged base. This can produce perma-
nent scratching if the pan is slid across the sur-
• When cold, pan bases are normally bowed slightly
inwards (concave). They should never be bowed
outwards (convex).
• If you wish to use special types of pan (e.g. a pres-
sure cooker, simmering pan, wok, etc.), please ob-
serve the manufacturer's instructions.
Energy saving tips
You can save valuable energy by observing the fol-
lowing points:
• Always position pots and pans before switching on
the cooking zone.
• Dirty cooking zones and pan bases increase power
• Whenever possible always position the lids firmly
on pots and pans to cover completely.
• Switch off the cooking zones before the end of the
cooking time to use the residual heat such as to
keep foods warm or for melting.
• The base of the pan should be the same size as
the cooking zone.
• Using a pressure cooker reduces cooking times by
up to 50%.