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Uses, Tables And Tips; Pans - Electrolux EHE642 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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Uses, Tables and Tips


• The better the pan, the better the results.
• You can recognise good pans by their bases.
The base should be as thick and flat as pos-
• When buying new pans pay particular atten-
tion to the diameter of the base. Manufactur-
ers often give only the diameter of the upper
• When cold, pan bases are normally bowed
slightly inwards (concave). They should never
be bowed outwards (convex).
Energy saving tips
You will save valuable energy if you observe
the following tips:
• Always place pots and pans on the hot-
plate before switching it on.
• Soiled hotplates and pan bases cause in-
creased power consumption.
• If possible, always fit pans with a lid.
• Switch off the hotplates before the end of
cooking to make use of the residual heat,
e.g., to keep food warm or for melting.
• The pan base should be the same size as
the hotplate.
• By using a pressure cooker cooking times
can be reduced by up to 50%.



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