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Cleaning And Care; Hob - Electrolux EHP 6640 P Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Ceramic glass hob
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Cleaning and Care


Important: Cleaning agents must not come
into contact with the hot ceramic glass sur-
face! All cleaning agents must be removed
with plenty of clean water after cleaning be-
cause they can have a caustic effect when the
rings are next heated!
Do not use any aggressive cleaners such as
grill or oven sprays, coarse scourers or abra-
sive pan cleaners.
Clean the ceramic glass surface after each use
when it is warm to the touch or cold. This will
avoid spillages becoming burnt on.
Remove scale and water marks, fat spots and
discolouration with a metallic shimmer using a
commercially available ceramic glass or stain-
less steel cleaner.
Light Soiling
1. Wipe the ceramic glass surface with a damp cloth
and a little washing up liquid.
2. Then rub dry with a clean cloth. Remnants of
cleaner must not be left on the surface.
3. Thoroughly clean the entire ceramic glass cooking
surface once a week with a commercially available
ceramic glass or stainless steel cleaner.
4. Then wipe the ceramic glass surface using plenty
of clean water and rub dry with a clean fluff-free