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Switching On The Dual-Ring Cooking Zone; Residual Heat Indicator - Electrolux EHP 6640 P Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Ceramic glass hob
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Switching on the Dual-ring
Cooking Zone
The switch for the dual-ring cooking zone is
switched on by turning clockwise and must
not be turned past the stop!
1. Turn the switch for the dual-ring cooking zone
clockwise. Turn past position 10 to the „dual-ring"
symbol until it stops.
2. Then turn back to the required heat setting for
3. To stop cooking, turn back to the off position.
The next time the dual-ring cooking zone is re-
quired, repeat the above procedure.

Residual heat indicator

The ceramic cooking zone is equipped with a residu-
al heat indicator, a control lamp is allocated to each
cooking zone. This lights up as soon the correspond-
ing cooking zone is hot and warns against inadver-
tant contact.
The residual heat indicator only goes out when the
cooking zone has cooled down even when the cook-
ing zone is switched Off.
You can use the residual heat for melting and
keeping food warm.
Important! As long as the residual heat indi-
cator is illuminated, there is a risk of burns.
Important! If the power supply is interrupted
the residual heat indicator also go out and in-
formation about residual heat will no longer be
available. However, it is still possible to burn
yourself. This can be avoided by being partic-
ularly attentive.