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Electrolux EHP 601 Operating And Assembly Instructions Manual

Ceramic glass hob
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Ceramic Glass Hob
Operating and Assembly Instructions
EHP 601
319 572 500A
PE- - D



  Summary of Contents for Electrolux EHP 601

  • Page 1 Ceramic Glass Hob Operating and Assembly Instructions MONTAJ VE KULLANIM KILAVUZU EHP 601 319 572 500A PE- - D 2003.03.03...
  • Page 2: Dear Customer

    Dear Customer Please read these instructions carefully for using your new appliance. Pay special attention to the chapter “Hints on safety”. Keep these instructions in a safe place for future refe- rence and pass them on to any subsequent owner of the appliance.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Content For the user For the installer Dear Customer ! Safety information Disposal Installation instructions of packaging material Hints of disposal Hints on safety Description of the hob Buit--in in the kichen--worktop Before the first use Electrical connection Cleaning for the first time Operating instructions Technical data, rating plate General information...
  • Page 4: Safety Information

    Important Safety Information The safety of this appliance corresponds to the Do not use the cooking zones to heat the room. acknowledged rules of technique and to the law on Take care when plugging electrical items into appliance safety. The safety measures existing as a mains sockets near the hob.
  • Page 5: Disposal

    Disposal Disposal of packaging material All parts of the packaging can be recycled and hard foam parts are appropriately marked. PE = Polyethylene (outer wrapping and the bag inside) PS = Polystyrene foam (eg. packing pieces) Please dispose of all packaing and old appliances with due regard for safety and the environment.
  • Page 6: Description Of The Hob

    Description of the hob 145 mm Cooking Zone Cooking Zone 180 mm rear right 1200 W rear left 1800 W Cooking Zone front right Hotplate Switches rear right 180 mm Cooking Zone 145 mm rear left 1800 W front left 1200 W front right front left...
  • Page 7: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions General information The cooking surface is made of proven ceramic glass. and consists of 4 cooking zones. The rapid glowing cooking zones with that the especially efficient radiant heating elements will considerably reduce the duration of heating--up. The cooking surface is pore--free and also insen- sitive to rapid changes in temperature.
  • Page 8: Application, Charts, Tips

    Application, Charts, Tips Cooking and frying utensils The better the pot or the pan, the better the boiling or frying result. You can recognise good quality pans by their base. The base should be thick and as flat as pos- sible.
  • Page 9: Chart: Boiling And Frying

    wherever possible, cover pots and pans with a lid. never place pots or pans on cooking zones with a higher diameter. because of wet or dirty cooking zones and pots energy will be wasted. switch off the cooking zone a few minutes before the end of the cooking time, in order to make use of the residual heat.
  • Page 10: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care Attention! Cleaners must not get onto the hot ce- ramic glass surface! After cleaning all residues of cleaners must be removed with sufficient clean water, as they may be caustic when being rehea- ted. Never use aggressive or abrasive agents, such as oven sprays, stain or rust removers, scouring powder, or sponges with an abrasive effect.
  • Page 11: Special Soilage

    Special soilage Sugar Remove burnt--on sugar, melted plastics, alumi- num foil immedeiately -- when they are still warm -- using a glass scraper, otherwise damage may be caused. Warning! When using the cleaning scraper on the warm cooking zone care should be taken. Afterwards clean the cooking surface normally.
  • Page 12: Installation Instructions

    Installation instructions Hints on safety This appliance must be installed and connec- ted by qualified personel. Please observe this instruction, otherwise the warranty will not cover any dmage which may occur. During the installation and in case of a service fai- lure the appliance must not be connected to the mains.
  • Page 13: Hob Installation

    Hob installation Cut out the worktop acc. to prescribed cutout size. The tolerance sizes must not be exceeded. Do precisely saw at the mark line. Recommendation: Mark the cutout with a steel needle. Glue some- thing on the line in order to avoid shattering of the coat when cutting.
  • Page 14: Electrical Connection

    Electrical connections Mains terminal in the base of the hob Before connecting the appliance, check that the voltage quoted on the rating plate - that is, the no- minal voltage of the appliance - corresponds to the available mains voltage. The rating plate can changing brid- be found on the lower housing of the ceramic ges of the ter-...
  • Page 15: Technical Data

    The rating plate is not visible after the hob has been built--in. This information will be required: -- when requesting a service call -- when ordering spare parts or accessories -- with technical queries. EHP 601 K 949 590 492 EHP 601 W 949 590 606 Modell Prod.Nr.
  • Page 16: Something Not Working

    Something not working If your hob is not functioning correctly please carry out the following checks before calling out an engineer. Important: If you call out an engineer to a fault listed below, or to repair a fault caused by incorrect use or installation, a charge will be made even if the appliance is under guarantee.
  • Page 17: Guarantee Conditions

    Guarantee Conditions Standard guarantee conditions European Guarantee We, Electrolux, undertake that if within 12 months of If you should move to another country within Europe the date of the purchase this Electrolux appliance or then your guarantee moves with you to your new home any part thereof is proved to be defective by reason subject to the following qualifications: only of fault workmanship or materials, we will, at our...
  • Page 20 IBNr. 319 572 500A PE- -D 2003.03.03...