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Operating Instructions; Safety - Electrolux EHP 6640 P Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Ceramic glass hob
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Operating Instructions



The safety aspects of this appliance comply with ac-
cepted technical standards and the German Appli-
ance Safety Law. However, as manufacturers we
also believe it is our responsibility to familiarise you
with the following safety instructions.
Electrical Safety
• The installation and connection of the new appli-
ance must only be carried out by qualified person-
• Repairs to the appliance are only to be carried out
by approved service engineers. Repairs carried out
by inexperienced persons may cause injury or seri-
ous malfunctioning. If your appliance needs repair-
ing, please contact your local customer center or
your dealer.
Please follow these instructions, otherwise the
warranty will not cover any damage that may
• Flush-mounted appliances may only be operated
following installation in suitable installation cabi-
nets and workplaces which conform to the relevant
standards. This ensures sufficient protection
against contact for electrical units as required by
the VDE [Association of German Electrical Engi-
• If your appliance malfunctions or if fractures,
cracks or splits appear:
– switch off all cooking zones,
– disconnect the hob from the electricity supply.
Child Safety
The cooking zones will become hot when you cook.
Therefore, always keep small children away from the
The appliance is not intended for use by young chil-
dren or infirm persons without supervision.
Young children should be supervised to ensure that
they do not play with the appliance.
Safety During Use
• This appliance may only be used for normal cook-
ing and frying in the home. It is not designed for
commercial or industrial purposes.
• Do not use the hob to heat the room.
• Take care when plugging electric appliances into
mains sockets near the hob. Connection leads
must not come into contact with the hot surface.
• Overheated fats and oils catch fire quickly. You
should supervise cooking when preparing foods in
fat or oil (e.g. chips).
• Switch off the cooking zones after use.
Safety When Cleaning
• For safety reasons do not clean the appliance with
a steam jet or high pressure cleaner.
• Clean the hob in accordance with the maintenance
and cleaning instructions in this manual.
How to avoid damage to the appli-
• Do not use the cooking area as a worktop or stor-
age space.
• The frameless edge of the glass ceramic surface is
susceptible to knocks. Please be careful when
moving pots and pans around.
• Do not have the cook zones on with empty pans,
or with no pots or pans on them.
• Ceramic glass is very tough, and impervious to
sharp temperature changes, but is not unbreaka-
ble. It can be damaged if particularly hard or sharp
objects fall on to it.
• Do not use pots made of cast iron, or which have
damaged bases with rough edges or burrs. Moving
these around may cause scratches.
• If sugar or a mixture containing sugar falls onto a
hot cooking zone and melts, remove immediately,
while still hot, using a kitchen scraper. If left to cool
down, it may damage the surface when removed.
• Keep objects or materials liable to melt away from
the ceramic glass surface, for example, artificial
materials, aluminium foil, or cooking wraps. If any
other materials or foodstuffs are melting on the ce-
ramic glass surface, these should also be cleaned
away immediately, using a kitchen scraper.