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Disposal; The Key Features Of Your Appliance - Electrolux EHP 6640 P Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Ceramic glass hob
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Disposing of the packaging material
All materials used can be fully recycled.
Plastics are marked as follows:
• >PE< for polyethylene, as used for the outer wrap-
ping and the bags inside.
• >PS< for polystyrene foam, e.g., as used for the
padding materials. They are completely free of
Disposal of old appliances
Warning: Before disposing of old appliances
please make them inoperable so that they
cannot be the source of danger.
To do this, disconnect the appliance from
the mains supply and remove the mains
To protect the environment, it is important that worn
out appliances are disposed of in the correct man-
• The appliance must not be disposed of with
household rubbish.
• You can obtain information about collection dates
or public refuse disposal sites from your local
refuse department or council.

The Key Features of Your Appliance

• Ceramic glass cooking surface: The appliance
has a ceramic glass cooking surface and 4 rapid
response cooking zones. The particularly powerful
radiant heater elements significantly shorten the
amount of time taken for the zones to heat up.
• Cleaning: The advantage of the ceramic glass
cooking surface is its easy cleaning. The smooth
surface is easy to keep clean (see section: "Clean-
ing and care").
• Double-ring cooking zone: The cooking surface
possesses a double-ring cooking zone. This pro-
vides the appliance with a cooking zone with a var-
iable size, for instance for smaller pots. This is a
saving in energy.
• Residual heat indicator: The residual heat indica-
tor lights up if the cooking zone becomes so hot
that there is a risk of burning.