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Fitting The Hob To The Worktop - Electrolux EHG 6763 X Instruction Booklet

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Fitting the hob to the worktop

The hobs can be installed in a kitchen unit with an
opening for insertion whose dimensions are shown in
Fig. 9. To install the hob, proceed as follows:
1) Remove the pan supports, the burners caps and
crowns and turn the hob upside down, taking care the
ignition candles are not damaged in this operation.
2) Place the sealing gasket (supplied with the hob) on
the edges of the cut out: place it exactly on the front
and rear edge, taking care that the sealings meet
without overlapping;
3) Fix the hob with the relevant screws (Fig. 10). The
traction of the screws is able to trace the sealing, any
excess of which can be easily removed.
The edge of the hob forms a double labyrinth seal which
provides a total guarantee against infiltration of liquids.
WARNING: When securing the fixing clamp near
the terminal block, always ensure the connection
cable does not come in contact with the edge of
the clamp (see Fig. 11).
Fig. 11
A) Fixing clamp
B) Connection cable
Dimensions are given in millimeters
Fig. 9
FO 2098
FO 0199
Fig. 10
a) Sealing gasket



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