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Fitting The Hob To The Worktop - Electrolux EHT 6432 User Manual

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Fitting the hob to the worktop

Before fitting the hob into the cut out, an adhesive
seal must be fitted to the underside outside edge
of the hob. It is essential that no gaps are left in this
seal in order to prevent spillage near the hob
seeping into the cabinet below.
1) Remove the pan supports, the burners caps
and crowns and turn the hob upside down,
taking care the ignition candles are not
damaged in this operation.
2) Place the relevant sealing all around the glass
top edge, taking care that the sealings meet
without overlapping (Fig. 6).
3) Place the hob in the cut out, taking care of its
4) Fix the hob with the relevant screws supplied
with the injectors kit (Fig. 7).
A) Sealing gasket
Fig. 6
Fig. 7


Table of Contents