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Fitting The Hob To The Worktop - Electrolux EHE 64 Instruction Booklet

Electric hobs
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Building over a kitchen unit with
Proper arrangements must be taken in designing the
furniture unit, in order to avoid any contact with the bottom
of the hob which can be hot when in operation. The
recommended solution is shown in diagram 3.
The panel fitted under the hob ("a") should be easily
removable to allow easy access if technical assistance
is needed. The space behind the kitchen unit ("b") can
be used for connections.

Fitting the hob to the worktop

Before fitting the hob into the cut out, a sealing gasket
supplied with the hob must be fitted to the edge of the
cut out. It is essential that no gaps are left in this seal in
order to prevent spillage near the hob seeping into the
cabinet below.
1) Place the sealing gasket all around the edge
of the cut out.
2) Place the hob into the cut out and secure it by
means of the relevant fixing clamps and screws,
as shown in the diagram.
3) Remove the excess seal
The edge of the hob forms a double seal which prevents
the ingress of liquids.
FO 1013
Dimensions are given in mm.
FO 0199



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