Electrolux EDH97950W User Manual

Energy star low energy drying system
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user manual
Energy Star Low
Energy Drying System
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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux EDH97950W

  • Page 1 Energy Star Low Energy Drying System EDH97950W EMAN_Energy Star_0409.indd 1 12/5/09 11:46:24 AM...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Congratulations Congratulations and thank you for choosing our Important safety information ...... 3 EDH97950W condenser dryer. We are sure you will find your new condenser dryer a pleasure Installation ............ 4 to use. Before you use your condenser dryer, we recommend that you read through the whole Environment ..........
  • Page 3: Important Safety Information

    electrolux safety information 3 Important safety information • Oil-affected items can ignite spontaneously, especially when exposed to heat sources such as in a tumble dryer. The items become warm, causing an oxidation reaction in the oil. Oxidation In the interest of your safety and to ensure creates heat.
  • Page 4: Installation

    4 installation electrolux Installation Transporting the appliance • This appliance is heavy. Care should be Only tip the appliance on its left side to taken when moving it. transport (see illustration), if it cannot be • When unpacking the appliance, check that transported in an upright position.
  • Page 5 electrolux installation 5 • Once in its permanent operating position, 3. Remove foil hose and polystyrene padding check that the dryer is absolutely level with from the machine. the aid of a spirit level. If it is not, raise or lower the feet until it is.
  • Page 6 6 installation electrolux • The packaging components (e.g. plastic film, • This appliance is designed for domestic use. polystyrene) can be dangerous to children – danger of suffocation! Keep them out of It must not be used for purposes other than those for which it was designed.
  • Page 7: Environment

    electrolux environment 7 Environment Environmental information The symbol on the product or on The packaging materials are environmentally its packaging indicates that this product friendly and can be recycled. The plastic may not be treated as household waste. components are identified by markings, Instead it should be taken to the appropriate e.g.
  • Page 8: Product Information

    8 product information | control panel electrolux Product Information Control panel Water reservoir Drum light Fine lint filters Loading door Coarse lint filters Lint filters Push button for base door opening Rating plate 10 Lint filter 11 Ventilation grille 12 Heat exchanger door 13 Adjustable feet Control panel Time button...
  • Page 9: Display

    electrolux display 9 Display Symbol Description Wool/Silk not selectable Wool or Silk program selection mode Wool program selection Silk program selection Minimum dryness level Medium dryness level Maximum dryness level Auto dryness level Time to end (time of time program, time of start delay) Cycle performance, auto dryness detection...
  • Page 10: Before First Use

    10 before first use electrolux Before First Use have been produced during production, wipe the dryer drum with a damp cloth or carry out a brief drying cycle (30 min.) with damp cloths in If the appliance was not transported in an the machine.
  • Page 11: Daily Use

    electrolux daily use 11 Program Max. Application/properties Care label load (dry clothes). For drying woollen fabrics after they have been washed, using warm Wool air at minimum mechanical load (Follow section “Sorting and preparing washing”). Recommendation: Remove fabrics immediately after drying, as no anticrease program follows.
  • Page 12 12 daily use electrolux Average laundry weights Selecting the program bathrobe 1200g quilt cover 700g man’s work shirt 600g man’s pyjamas 500g sheet 500g tablecloth 250g man’s shirt 200g night dress 200g pillow case 200g towelling towel 200g blouse 100g Use the program selector to set the program ladies’...
  • Page 13 electrolux daily use 13 Dryness Time This function improves the dryness of the Use the Time button to select the program laundry. Laundry becomes drier as you move duration after setting the Time program. You from can select a program duration from 20 min. to 3 hours in 10-minute increments.
  • Page 14 14 daily use electrolux Child lock Changing program The child lock can be set to prevent a program To change a program which has been selected being accidentally started or a program in by mistake once the program has started, first operation being accidentally changed.
  • Page 15: Care And Cleaning

    electrolux care and cleaning 15 Care and cleaning free of creases. The laundry can be removed Cleaning lint filters at any time during the anticrease phase. (The The filters collect all the lint and fluff which laundry should be taken out towards the end accumulates during drying.
  • Page 16 16 care and cleaning electrolux 4. Push down the unlock button on the large 8. Remove lint from the entire filter area. It mesh filter. The large mesh filter pops up. is best to use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose.
  • Page 17 electrolux care and cleaning 17 Emptying the water reservoir Cleaning heat exchanger filter Empty the water reservoir after every drying cycle. If the warning lamp lights, the heat exchanger If the water reservoir is full, an active program filter in the base of the appliance must be cleaned. will stop automatically and the warning lamp lights.
  • Page 18 18 care and cleaning electrolux 3. Clean the inside of the door, the lint filter 7. Insert the lint filter into the filter housing. chamber and the rubber seals of lint. 8. Clean filter every 5 loads, remove the fluff 4.
  • Page 19: Troubleshooting

    electrolux troubleshooting 19 Troubleshooting Troubleshooting by yourself If, during operation, the error code ... plus Press the Start/Pause button If the error is still number or letter) appears on the LCD: Switch displayed, please inform your local Customer the machine off and on again to reset the Care Centre and quote the error code.
  • Page 20: Replacing The Light

    20 replacing the light electrolux Replacing the light Replacing the drum light Only use a special bulb which is designed specially for dryers. The special bulb can be obtained from your local Customer Care Centre. Important! When the appliance is switched on, the interior lighting switches itself off after 4 minutes when the door is open.
  • Page 21: Technical Specifications

    electrolux technical specifications 21 Technical specifications Height x width x depth 850 x 600 x 580 mm Drum volume 108 litres Depth with loading door open 1090 mm Height can be adjusted by 15 mm Weight when empty approx. 60 kg Loading volume (depends on program) max.
  • Page 22: Machine Settings

    22 machine settings electrolux Machine settings Buzzer permanent on/off The alarm is by default always off. To set permanent alarm on (off): 1. Turn the program selector to any program. 2. Press simultaneously the Dryness and Long anticrease buttons and hold down for approx. 5 seconds. Adjusting the level of conductivity 1.
  • Page 23: Warranty

    23 warranty electrolux situations (which are not exhaustive): Warranty (a) The Appliance is damaged by: (i) accident FOR SALES IN AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND (ii) misuse or abuse, including failure to properly APPLIANCE: CONDENSER DRYER maintain or service This document sets out the terms and conditions of (iii) normal wear and tear product warranties for Electrolux branded appliances.
  • Page 24 Electrolux Home Products Australia telephone: 1300 363 640 fax: 1800 350 067 email: customercare@electrolux.com.au web: www.electrolux.com.au Electrolux Home Products New Zealand phone: 09 573 2384 fax: 09 573 2221 email: customercare@electrolux.co.nz web: www.electrolux.co.nz The Thoughtful Design Innovator. Do you remember the last time you opened a gift that made you say “Oh! How did you know? That’s exactly what I wanted!”...